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  • dr. (Marie Rose) MR Bashwira Nyenyezi

    dr. (Marie Rose) MR Bashwira Nyenyezi
  • (Amaya) AN Bayne, MSc

    Focusing on themes related to territorial vigilance initiatives, power, local knowledge production, technologies (corporeal and material), post-humanism, and…
    (Amaya) AN Bayne, MSc
  • (Esther) EM Beckley

    I am a peace and conflict scholar-practitioner. My areas of expertise include gender and peacebuilding, child soldiers, postconflict reconstruction and…
    (Esther) EM Beckley
  • prof.dr. (Arjun) AS Bedi

    Arjun Singh Bedi is Professor of Development Economics and Deputy Rector for Research at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus…
    prof.dr. (Arjun) AS Bedi
  • (Cynthia Embido) CE Bejeno

    My Phd research is titled: On the Frontlines: Peasant Women and the Land Refrom Struggles in the Philippines. The study examines the women's land rights and…
    (Cynthia Embido) CE Bejeno
  • (Yeshiwas Degu) YD Belay

    Yeshiwas Degu Belay is a PhD student at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS/EUR) and University of Iceland. His research aims to examine how the…
    (Yeshiwas Degu) YD Belay
  • (Tessema) TS Belay

    (Tessema) TS Belay
  • (Zeynep Ceren) ZC Benlisoy - Eren, MA

    (Zeynep Ceren) ZC Benlisoy - Eren, MA
  • prof.dr. (Peter) PAG van Bergeijk

    For how unjust is it, if when we allow different recreations to each particular course of life, we afford no diversion to studies; especially when trifles may…
    prof.dr. (Peter) PAG van Bergeijk
  • dr. (Sylvia) SI Bergh

    I am an associate professor in development management and governance at ISS. I currently combine my position at ISS with the position of senior researcher at…
    dr. (Sylvia) SI Bergh

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