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  • drs. (Marije) ML Balt

    drs. (Marije) ML Balt

    Marije Balt is foreign policy advisor and works with the Advisory Council on International Affairs. She is a former Netherlands government diplomat with nearly…
  • (Moges) MB Bantie

    (Moges) MB Bantie

    Moges Belay Bantie is currently a PhD Researcher at International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is member of a European…
  • (Amaya) AN Bayne

    (Amaya) AN Bayne

  • (Tewodros) TN Bayu

    (Tewodros) TN Bayu

  • prof.dr. (Arjun) AS Bedi

    prof.dr. (Arjun) AS Bedi

    Arjun Singh Bedi is Professor of Development Economics and Deputy Rector for Research at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus…
  • (Cynthia Embido) CE Bejeno

    (Cynthia Embido) CE Bejeno

    My Phd research is titled: On the Frontlines: Peasant Women and the Land Refrom Struggles in the Philippines. The study examines the women's land rights and…
  • (Yeshiwas Degu) YD Belay

    (Yeshiwas Degu) YD Belay

    Yeshiwas Degu Belay is a PhD student at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS/EUR) and University of Iceland. His research aims to examine how the…
  • (Tessema) TS Belay

    (Tessema) TS Belay

  • prof.dr. (Peter) PAG van Bergeijk

    prof.dr. (Peter) PAG van Bergeijk

    For how unjust is it, if when we allow different recreations to each particular course of life, we afford no diversion to studies; especially when trifles may…
  • dr. (Sylvia) SI Bergh

    dr. (Sylvia) SI Bergh

    I am an associate professor in development management and governance at ISS. Pressing societal issues in which multi-stakeholder and multi-level governance…

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