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  • (Beatriz) BA Campillo Carrete

    (Beatriz) BA Campillo Carrete

    Research interests: international migration discourses, development studies, political & policy analysis.
  • (Emma) ELD Cantal

    (Emma) ELD Cantal

  • (Shenia) SP Cassiano de Oliveira MSc

    (Shenia) SP Cassiano de Oliveira MSc

    The research topic “The Sexual Exploitation of Children in Tourism During the COVID-19 Pandemic” stems from my previous research into child sex tourism (CST) in…
  • (Renata) R Cavalcanti Muniz

    (Renata) R Cavalcanti Muniz

    Renata Cavalcanti Muniz is a PhD researcher at ISS funded by the Brazilian government via the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development …
  • (Sanghamitra) S Chakravarty

    (Sanghamitra) S Chakravarty

    Sanghamitra studies frugal innovations in medical devices from innovative manufacturing firms in South Africa within a context inclusive technological change…
  • (Kristen) KE Cheney

    (Kristen) KE Cheney

    Dr. Cheney’s research deals with children’s survival strategies amidst difficult circumstances and the politics of humanitarian intervention for such children,…
  • (Mausumi) M Chetia

    (Mausumi) M Chetia

    I work with families facing protracted disaster-displacement in Assam, India. My PhD research is part of the Erasmus Initiative called Vital Cities and Citizens…
  • (Francesco) F Colin

    (Francesco) F Colin

    Francesco works on civic engagement and active citizenship through local petitions in Morocco. His research expertise revolves around poltical participation,…