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How to apply to the ISS PhD programme

If you are interested in the ISS PhD programme, please first read the dedicated information on the PhD programme on our website (see the menu on the right) which gives detailed information about academic requirements, research themes and so on. 

Interested candidates are then welcome to apply by following the application process explained below.

Applications for the PhD programme are welcomed from qualified candidates wishing to undertake research on a specific topic within the Institute.

ISS has an online application process consisting of several steps which require you to provide information and upload supporting documents. All documents can be uploaded directly from your computer. Make sure that multiple page documents are submitted as one file.

In order to complete your online application you must complete all steps in the Admission Portal. Send your application by clicking on the 'submit' button on the last page.

The Research Degree Committee will assess your completed request for admission. Depending upon the workload, the complete admission procedure may take between 2 – 3 months.

We advise you to read the information related to the admission and enrolment procedures in the Admission Portal very carefully. 

Application process

Step 1- Create an account

You are requested to provide some basic information to create an account. You will receive two emails with which you can continue your application in the EUR admission portal:

- Check your email for the link to the EUR Admission Portal
- Check your email for login details (ERNA account and password)

Please be aware that automatically generated emails may end up in your spam or junk folder. Please check these folders!

EUR/ISS Alumni

  • I studied at ISS or EUR in 2009 or later

If you have already studied at ISS or EUR (in 2009 or later), you have to reactivate your expired ERNA account to apply for our PhD. Please contact to reactivate your account.

When you get a confirmation that your account has been reactivated you can login and apply in the Admission Portal.

  • I studied at ISS or EUR before 2009

If you studied at ISS or EUR before 2009, you will not yet be registered in our system and will have to create a new account (see step 1 above).

Step 2- Fill in the application form in the EUR Admission Portal

In this Portal you are invited to finalize your application by uploading the required documents and answering some additional questions. Fill in your previous education (MA degree only) and your work experience, and upload the required documents.

You can start working in the Portal, save your entries and use your login information to return to the Portal later.

Submit the required documents:

  1. Copy of Academic Degree(s)/ Diploma(s) MA degree
  2. Certified Copy of Academic Transcript(s)

    MA degree
    Note: If the language of these documents is not English, a certified translation to English must be attached together with the original transcript.

  3. Your research proposal

    (starting with a short motivation), for more information see our academic requirements page

  4. Your Master thesis (if available)
  5. Your c.v./resume
  6. Three references testifying to your ability to undertake PhD research (and, if applicable, to your relevant professional experience). One of these references must be a representative from your Masters programme. Please download the reference form (see Downloads below), fill in your name and student number and send it to your referees. They should complete the form and send it to (you cannot upload the references yourself). You also need to indicate the names of those three contacts in the application portal.
  7. Statement of Proficiency in English (if applicable).

Once you have submitted your application, the ISS admission office will check whether it is complete. You will receive an email if additional information is needed and will be informed once your application is complete and has been forwarded to the Research Degree Committee.

The Research Degree Committee will assess your completed request for admission.


Contact the ISS Admissions Office.

Contact the admission office

Admission Office 2020
Email address
+3170 4260460
PO Box 29776
2602 LT
The Hague

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