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WEGO-Innovation Training Network (WEGO-ITN)

  • Funded by the European Union, the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie WEGOITN hosted 15 PhD researchers, who together with their mentors created the first European ITN on Feminist Political Ecology from 2018-2022.
  • WEGO looked at wellbeing, ecology, gender and communities using a feminist political ecology lens working with communities in Spain, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, India, Nepal, Uruguay and Kenya.
  • The network FEST* is continuing the work of WEGO as PhDs complete their projects and publish their results in journals, books and blog posts.


What did WEGO achieve?

Well-being, Ecology, Gender and cOmmunity (WEGO) PhD researchers 2019
  • ‘Flowers along feminist virtual water flows: An ethnography of glocal connections springing in Maharastra, India’ (Social Science Research Institute, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) completed in 2023.
  • ‘Bodies, technologies and wellbeing: Feminist Political Ecology of Aging’ (International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University, The Netherlands) completed in 2023.
  • ‘The feminist political ecology of mining and gender and ethnic identities in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia’ (University of Passau, Germany) completed in 2023.
  • ‘The politics of food in urban Southern Europe’ (Free University of Berlin, Germany) completed in 2023.
  • ‘Climate Change adaptation programmes and political violence in Nepal’ (University of Oslo, Norway)  to be completed in 2024.
  • ‘Changing gender relations in the face of climate change in pastoral communities in Southern Kenya’ (Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, United Kingdom) to be completed in 2024.
  • ‘Fracking in contemporary Britain: Fracturing landscapes, knowledge and power’ (University of Brighton, United Kingdom) to be completed in 2024.
  • ‘Crowding out care: The gendered discourse analysis of care and family farms in Indonesian oil palm’ (University of Brighton, United Kingdom) to be completed in 2024.
  • ‘Eating relations: community economies, belonging and the place-based food in the mega city of Chennai, India’ (University of Passau, Germany) to be completed in 2024.
  • ‘The politics of care and defining the good life: Elderly women’s community food economy in rural Japan’ (University of Wageningen, The Netherlands) to be completed in 2024.
  • ‘Commoning the city: the labours of social reproduction in environmental justice and feminist struggles for an emancipatory post-growth urban life’ (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain) to be completed in 2024.
  • ‘Relationships of (wo)man and nature as seen through water politics’ (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain) to be completed in 2024.

WEGO organized five Dialogues in Glasgow, Barcelona, Wageningen, Passau and Berlin that engaged policy-makers in cities, across regions, countries and continents on feminist political ecology themes

With its multi-media outputs, WEGO was able to reach a bigger, broader and more diverse public.

The network produced:

What is Feminist Political Ecology?

Feminist political ecology (FPE) is 'a process of doing environmentalism, justice and feminism differently' (Harcourt and Nelson 2015: 9). It is a research and practice that builds on political ecology to include gendered power relations across a range of scales: between local, intra-household and intra-community processes from local to global. 

FPE has a ‘commitment to feminist epistemology, methods and values … where emphasis is given to research and practice that empowers and promotes social and ecological transformation for women and other marginalized groups' (Elmhirst 2018: 1).

Contact the WEGO-ITN network

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 764908-WEGO 2018-2021.

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