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Climate change: A story of seduction and destruction

About Research InSightS

Research InSightS was launched in April 2020 as the platform to share ISS’ research stories and findings. By making these available and accessible to a wider audience, the platform is part of ISS’ ambition to produce research with the potential to drive action.

But the intent of Research InSightS isn’t only to take our knowledge OUT. It’s actually also about bringing others IN, sharing what our diverse team of researchers is working on and enabling critical reflection and dialogue.

Research InSightS LIVE is an all-new event series that we launched to do just that.

Episode 1 – Climate change: A story of seduction and destruction

Research InSightS LIVE #1 | Climate change: a story of seduction and destruction

The first-ever episode of Research InSightS LIVE, presented by Lynn Zebeda, brought together stories of oil extraction, geopolitical shifts, justice-based approaches, unseen climate impact and rare earth metals to get a glimpse into the bigger picture of climate change and environmental degradation.

The event drew on research in the Amazon rainforest, the Caribbean, Central and East Asia as well as the city of The Hague. ISS researchers revealed their eye-opening insights from their work and discussed alternatives that must be explored towards the end of the session.

This gathering was an example of ISS at its finest: critical, based on real-world insights and through a kaleidoscope of perspectives.

Research initiatives discussed during the event

The first segment discussed the All Eyes on the Amazon project which studies the effects of deforestation and resource extraction in the Amazon. A unique element of the project, led by Professor Murat Arsel and Dr Lorenzo Pellegrini is that local indigenous communities use satellites and drones to monitor and collect evidence of environmental damage in the Amazon.  

María Moreno de los Ríos, Senior Regional Programme Manager from HIVOS (a project partner) discussed how they act on this information, together with all the partners.  

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More on All Eyes on the Amazon

Dr Jojo Nem Singh talked about what rare earth elements are, how they are related to US-China geopolitical trends and what their role is within the global transition towards green energy. He drew attention to the fact that 'China produces 90-95% of the global rare earth metals, currently. This means that the renewable energy trade is being paid for by China. This wasn’t always the case! An alternative is to create a separate supply chain.' Is the US headed in that direction? Read this interview with Dr Nem Singh for more details about the project. 

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More on Rare Earths project

The next segment of the event explored the impacts of the climate crisis. Dr Daphina Misiedjan brought in perspectives from her work on climate change in the Caribbean islands. She highlighted the importance of making sure that the communities that are most vulnerable are actually heard. To find out more about how she uses law-based advocacy as a sword, shield and armour against environmental harm, check out this interview with Dr Misiedjan

More on Island(er)s at the Help project

While looking into the effects and impacts of climate change and environmental degradation, it’s most important to critically analyse the situation closer to home. Dr Sylvia Bergh does exactly that in her new research project investigating the effects of heatwaves on vulnerable populations in The Hague. By identifying simple and affordable 'frugal' innovations in the Hague and globally, developed by and for local citizens, the project aims to formulate practical policy recommendations. 

More on this project into the effect of heatwaves

Scenes from the set

  • Lights, camera, action!
    Lights, camera, action!
  • Set prep for our speakers
    Set prep for our speakers
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    The set's mini library
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    On screen: our event trailer
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    Speakers with host Lynn Zebeda

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