Civic Innovations - key publications

Civic Innovation researchers update their personal profiles regularly with their latest publications. The list below represents publications that are the most related to our work.

Key publications

(to which many Civic Innovation group members contributed)

K. Biekart, W. Harcourt and P. Knorringa, eds (2016) Exploring Civic Innovation for Social and Economic Transformation. London: Routledge.

Other publications

  • Cheney, K. 2018. 'Baby Markets and Global Inequalities: Conundrums of Commodification, Care and Social Reproduction in International Commercial Surrogacy.' Development and Change49 (4):1127-1139. doi: doi:10.1111/dech.12421.

    Cheney, K. (2018) 'International Commercial Surrogacy: Beyond Feminist Conundrums and the Child as Product' Opens externalin R. Rosen and K. Twamley (eds), Feminism and the Politics of Childhood: Friends or Foes?, p. 139-154. London: UCL Press.

    Icaza, R. (2018) 'Social Struggles and the Coloniality of Gender'Opens external, in Robbie Shilliam and Olivia Rutazibwa, eds. Routledge Handbook on Postcolonial PoliticsOpens external, London: Routledge, pp. 58-71.

  • Hilhorst, D, B. Wijs and G. van der Haar (2017, eds) People, Aid and Institutions in Socio-Economic Recovery: Facing Fragilities. London, Earthscan/Routledge

    Harcourt, W. (2017) Bodies in Resistance: gender politics in the age of neoliberalism London: Palgrave

    Siegmann, K.A. and G. Iocco (2017) ‘CIRI Forum on Worker-driven Innovation in the Globalized Economy – Learning from Encounters’. Forum Report. The Hague: ISS.

    Siegmann, K.A., Merk, J.J.S. and Knorringa, P. (2017) ‘Positive Class Compromise in Globalized Production? The Freedom of Association Protocol in the Indonesian Sportswear Industry’, International Labour Review 156(3–4): 345-365. Accepted manuscript online: 11 November 2016

    Cheney, K. (2017) Crying for Our Elders: African Orphanhood in the Age of HIV and AIDS. The University of Chicago Press.

    Cheney, K. and Okwany, A. (2017) 'Introduction: Toward social justice for children and youth in East Africa' in Childhood in Africa, 2017, 4(1): 4-10.

    Cheney, K. Kamusiime, A. and Mekonnen Yimer, A. (2017) 'Feeling ‘Blue’: the problem with porn and sex education in eastern Africa', IDS Bulletin, 2017, 48(1): 81-97. DOI:

    Jong, S., Rosalba Icaza, Rolando Vazquez, Sophie W Withaeckx, Guest editors (2017) Special Issue on Decolonizing the University. Dutch Journal on Gender Studies (Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies).

    Icaza, R. (2017) “Decolonial Feminism and Global Politics: Border Thinking and Vulnerability as a knowing otherwise”, in Sebastien Weier and Marc Woons, eds. Special Issue on Critical Epistemology of Global Politics, E-International Relations, pp. 26-45.

    Icaza, R. and Rolando Vazquez (2017) Intersectionality and Diversity in Higher Education, Tijdschrift voor Orthopedagogiek. Special volume on Diversity in the Academia Hans Jansen (editor), pp. 349-357.

  • Harcourt, W. (2016) ‘Gender and sustainable livelihoods: linking gendered experiences of environment, community and self’, was the lead article for the special issue on Feminist Perspectives on Human–Nature Relations in the Journal of Human Agricultural Values doi: 10.1007/s10460-016-9757-5

    Gomez, G.M. & P. Dini (2016). Making sense of a crank case: monetary diversity in Argentina (1999-2003). Cambridge Journal of Economics, 40 (5), 1421-1437. doi: 10.1093/cje/bew034

    Gomez, G.M. & P. Knorringa (2016) Local Governance, Economic Development and Institutions (EADI Global Development Series). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

    Cheney, K. (2016) 'Preventing exploitation, promoting equity: Findings from the International Forum on Intercountry Adoption and Global Surrogacy', Adoption & Fostering 40(1): 6-19. DOI: 10.1177/0308575915626377

    Barrett J.B., Margit van Wessel and D. Hilhorst (2016) Advocacy for Development. Effectiveness, Monitoring and Evaluation. E-book, 91 pages.

    Arensman, A, M. van Wessel and D. Hilhorst (2016) 'Does local ownership bring about effectiveness? The case of a transnational advocacy network' Third World Quarterly, DOI: 10.1080/01436597.2016.1257908

    Icaza, R. (2016) 'The Meanings of Diversity in Higher Education: Learning from Uva Experiences' in Gloria Wekker, et. al. Let’s do Diversity. University of Amsterdam Diversity Commission Report. UvA: Amsterdam, pp. 55-66.

  • Baksh, R. and W. Harcourt (2015) OUP Handbook on Transnational Feminist Movements New York: Oxford University Press America.

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    Pegler, L. (2015) ‘Human Security in Evolving Global Value Chains (GVC’s) ­ reconsidering labour agency in a livelihoods context ‘ chapter in K. Newsome, P.Taylor, J. Blair and A. Rainnie (eds),  Putting Labour in its Place: Labour Process Analysis and Global Value Chains, London: Palgrave (CPWE ­ - Critical Perspectives on Work and Employment Series).

    Pegler, L. (2015) 'Peasant Inclusion in Global Value Chains: Economic Upgrading but Social Downgrading in Labour Processes?' Journal of Peasant Studies, Nov, 42/5-6, 929-957