Civic Innovation key publications

Civic Innovation Research Initiative - researching gender, ecology, conflict, civil society, frugal innovation, fair-trade, reproductive health, labour rights

Civic Innovation researchers regularly publish books and articles with world-renowned academic journals and publishers. The list below is a selection of our most relevant publications. (Civic Innovation researchers in bold)

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Key publications

Alta, A., & Mukhtarov, F. (2022) ‘Relationality as a lens for policy analysis: Preserving harmony in a triangular cooperation project to strengthen gender mainstreaming in Fiji’. Administration & Society54(7), 1283-1304.

Bergh, S. I., Hout, W., Pellissery, S., & Sathyamala, C. (2022) (Eds) ‘Introduction-public accountability in the Global South: approaches and practices’. In The State of Accountability in the Global South (pp. 1-20) Edward Elgar Publishing.

Biekart, K., & Fowler, A. (2022) ‘A research agenda for civil society: introduction and overview’. A Research Agenda for Civil Society, 1-14.

Büscher, B., Feola, G., Fischer, A., Fletcher, R., Gerber, J. F., Harcourt, W., Koster, M., Schneider, M., Scholtens, J., Spierenburg, M., Walstra, V., & Wiskerke, H. (2021) ‚Planning for a world beyond COVID-19: Five pillars for post-neoliberal development’. World development140, 105357.

Cairo, A., Gronemeier, L. M., Icaza, R., Salim, U., Thrivikraman, J., & Mattar, D. V. (2023) ‘“When someone gets sick, we run to them, not from them”-Holding space for solidarity otherwise and the city in times of COVID-19’. ISS General Working Paper series, (709)   

Cavalcanti Muniz, R., Macchiavello Ferradas, F., Gomez, G. M., & Pegler, L. J. (2021) ‘Covid‐19 in Brazil in an era of necropolitics: Resistance in the face of disaster in disasters’. Disasters45(S1), S97-S118.

Chakravarty, S., & Knorringa, P. (2021) ‘Enabling inclusive technological change through transformative policies: Frugal innovations from medical device manufacturing firms in South Africa’. UJ-TRCTI Working Paper Series, (P 2021-07)   

Chib, A., & Nguyen, H. (2018) ‘Essentialist identities as resistance to immobilities: Communicative mobilities of Vietnamese foreign brides in Singapore’. International Journal of Communication12, 4030-4051.

Chib, A., Ang, M. W., Zheng, Y., & Nguyen, S. H. (2022) ‚Subverted agency: The dilemmas of disempowerment in digital practices’. new media & society24(2), 458-477.

Cubides Kovacsics, M. I., Santos, W., & Siegmann, K. A. (2022) ‘Sex workers’ everyday security in the Netherlands and the impact of COVID-19’. Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 1-15.   

De Marchi, V., Pineda-Escobar, M. A., Howell, R., Verheij, M., & Knorringa, P. (2022) ‘Frugal innovation and sustainability outcomes: findings from a systematic literature review’. European Journal of Innovation Management25(6), 984-1007.   

Fantu, B., Haile, G., Tekle, Y. L., Sathi, S., Demena, B. A., & Shigute, Z. (2022) ‘Experiences of Eritrean and Ethiopian migrants during COVID-19 in the Netherlands’. In Papyrakis, E., (Eds), COVID-19 and International Development, (pp. 45-58) Springer Cham.

Fransen, J., Hati, B., Nyumba, R., & van Tuijl, E. (2023) ‘Community vitality and frugal practices in informal settlements in Nairobi: Towards a typology’. Cities134, 104179.

Fransen, J., Peralta, D. O., Vanelli, F., Edelenbos, J., & Olvera, B. C. (2021) ‘The emergence of urban community resilience initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic: An international exploratory study’. The European journal of development research, 1-23.

Gómez, G. M. (2022) ‘Large-scale currency circuits as anti-crisis mechanism: The Argentine Redes de Trueque’. In Vallet, G., Kappes, S., & Rochon, L., (Eds.), Central Banking, Monetary Policy and the Future of Money (pp. 221-244) Edward Elgar Publishing.

Gómez, G. M., Chawla, S., & Fransen, J. (2020) ‘Exploring the entrepreneurial ecosystem within the informal economy with a multifactor framework’. Urban studies and entrepreneurship, 181-202.

Haque, R., Aslam, R., & Malik, A. A. (2022) ‘Land ownership and inheritance rights of women In rural Pakistan’. Webology (ISSN: 1735-188X)19(3)  

Harcourt, W. (2023) ‘The politics of knowledge: Feminist strategies for transformation’. Dialogues in Human Geography, 20438206221144820.

Harcourt, W., Van den Berg, K., Dupuis, C., & Gaybor, J. (2022) Feminist methodologies: Experiments, collaborations and reflections (pp. 296) Springer Nature.

Heumann, S., et al. (2017) ‘Dialogue: Transgendered Bodies as Subjects of Feminism: A Conversation and Analysis about the Inclusion of Trans Persons and Politics in the Nicaraguan Feminist Movement’. In Harcourt, W. (Ed.), Gender, Development and Social Change: Bodies in Resistance- Gender and Sexual Politics in the Age of Neoliberalism (pp. 163-187) Palgrave Macmillan. United Kingdom.

Icaza, R. (2022) ‘Decoloniality, governance and development’. In Hout, W. & Hutchison, J. (Eds.), Handbook on Governance and Development (pp. 45-62) Edward Elgar Publishing.

Mena, R., & Hilhorst, D. (2021) ‘The (im) possibilities of disaster risk reduction in the context of high-intensity conflict: the case of Afghanistan’. Environmental Hazards20(2), 188-208.   

Mena, R., & Hilhorst, D. (2022) ‘Ethical considerations of disaster research in conflict-affected areas’. Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal31(3), 304-318.

Mena, R., Brown, S., Peters, L. E., Kelman, I., & Ji, H. (2022) ‘Connecting disasters and climate change to the humanitarian-development-peace nexus’. Journal of Peacebuilding & Development17(3), 324-340.

Mukhtarov, F., Gasper, D., Alta, A., Gautam, N., Duhita, M. S., & Hernández Morales, D. (2022) ‘From “merchants and ministers” to “neutral brokers”? Water diplomacy aspirations by the Netherlands–a discourse analysis of the 2011 commissioned advisory report’. International Journal of Water Resources Development38(6), 1009-1031.   

Ong'ayo, A. O. (2022) ‘Civil society and state accountability: holding the state accountable in the context of shrinking civic space in Kenya’. In Bergh, S. I., Hout, W., Pellissery, S., & Sathyamala, C. (Eds), The State of Accountability in the Global South (pp. 98-124) Edward Elgar Publishing.

Ong'ayo, A. (2018) ‘Diaspora’s civic agency and participation in local policies’. Social Inclusion7(4), 152-163.

Onsongo, E. K., Knorringa, P., & van Beers, C. (2023) ‘Frugal business model innovation in the base of the pyramid: The case of Philips Community Life Centres in Africa’. Technovation121, 102675.

Pegler, L., Rodrigues de Senna, J., Moreno Galhera, K., Gayoso da Costa, S., & Hazeu, M. (2023) ‘The changing Amazonian civic space: Where soy meets resistance’. EADI Global Development Series.

Ritchie, H. A. (2021) Coping in the crisis? Lessons learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic in marginalized refugee communities in Kenya (Policy Brief) Henry J. Leir Institute, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.

Ritchie, H. A. (2022) ‘An institutional perspective to bridging the divide: The case of Somali women refugees fostering digital inclusion in the volatile context of urban Kenya’. New Media & Society24(2), 345-364.

Ritchie, H. A. (2022) ‘Digital technology and (frugal) innovation in marginalized refugee communities In Kenya: Aiding resilience, self-reliance and inclusion?ICFI & THRIVE.   

Sathi, S. (2021) ‘How do we pay back? Women health workers and the COVID-19 pandemic in India’. Globalizations, 1-12.

Siegmann, K. A., & Sathi, S. (2022) ‘Unfreedoms in south India’s tea value chain: Reproduction and resistance’. Contribution to Globalizations Special Issue on ‘Unfreedom in Labor Relations: from a politics of rescue towards a politics of solidarity?’. Globalizations19(6), 971-988.   

Siegmann, K. A., Quaedvlieg, J., & Williams, T. (2022) ‘Migrant labour in Dutch agriculture: Regulated precarity’. European Journal of Migration and Law24(2), 217-240.

Ussher, L., Ebert, L., Gómez, G. M., & Ruddick, W. O. (2021) ‘Complementary currencies for humanitarian aid’. Journal of Risk and Financial Management14(11), 557.

van Reisen, M., Stokmans, M., Mawere, M., Basajja, M., Ong'ayo, A. O., Nakazibwe, P., Kirkpatrick., C., & Chindoza, K. (2020) ‘FAIR practices in Africa’. Data Intelligence2(1-2), 246-256.

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