Civic Innovation researchers

The Civic Innovation research group works with a wide variety of researchers including ISS faculty, post-docs, visiting researchers and PhD candidates.

ISS faculty and post-docs

  • dr. (Sylvia) SI Bergh

    dr. (Sylvia) SI Bergh

    I am currently part-time Associate Professor in Development Management and Governance at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague,…
  • dr. (Erhard) GE Berner

    dr. (Erhard) GE Berner

    Erhard Berner has done extensive research on urban poverty and community responses in the Philippines and elsewhere, and published a book and numerous articles…
  • dr. (Kees) CH Biekart

    dr. (Kees) CH Biekart

    Kees Biekart is Associate Professor in Political Sociology at the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. His area of…
  • (Kristen) KE Cheney

    (Kristen) KE Cheney

    Dr. Cheney’s research deals with children’s survival strategies amidst difficult circumstances and the politics of humanitarian intervention for such children,…
  • dr. (Georgina) GM Gomez

    dr. (Georgina) GM Gomez

    I am fascinated by the diversity of forms of organising local economic governance. My interests focus on patterns of collaboration and competition around the…
  • prof.dr. (Wendy) W Harcourt

    prof.dr. (Wendy) W Harcourt

    Wendy Harcourt is Professor of Gender, Diversity and Sustainable Development at the International Institute of Social Studies of the Erasmus University in The…
  • dr. (Silke) S Heumann

    dr. (Silke) S Heumann

    Silke Heumann is a Sociologist and Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) in the Major Social Justice Perspectives (SJP). Her areas of expertise and interest are…
  • (Thea) DJM Hilhorst (Thea) DJM Hilhorst

    I am an expert in development in areas affected by disaster, conflict or fragility, with a special focus on aid-society relations: the impact of humanitarian…
  • dr. (Helen) HM Hintjens

    dr. (Helen) HM Hintjens

    Dr Helen Hintjens is Assistant Professor in Development and Social Justice at the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague.For more than 30 years…
  • dr. (Rosalba) RA Icaza Garza

    dr. (Rosalba) RA Icaza Garza

    "My research and teaching have been driven by an overwhelming concern to understand resistance to multiple oppressions and the ways in which one’s understanding…
  • prof.dr. (Peter) P Knorringa

    prof.dr. (Peter) P Knorringa

    Peter Knorringa is a Professor of Private Sector & Development at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His…
  • dr. (Rodrigo) R Mena Fluhmann

    dr. (Rodrigo) R Mena Fluhmann

    I am Assistant Professor of Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Governance. For over fifteen years I have studied and worked in humanitarian aid, disaster governance,…
  • (Sreerekha) S Mullassery Sathiamma

    (Sreerekha) S Mullassery Sathiamma

    Sreerekha Sathi joined ISS in January 2020. Prior to ISS, she taught at the University of Virginia, USA, in its Global Studies Program, and at the Department…
  • dr. (Lee) LJ Pegler

    dr. (Lee) LJ Pegler

    Lee Pegler works as a lecturer (Work, Organisation and Labour Rights) within the Social Policy for Development (SPD) Major at the ISS. He spent a large…
  • dr. (Nahda) NYT Shehada

    dr. (Nahda) NYT Shehada

    Research Senior lecturer in Gender, culture & development Field of expertise Gender, culture & development Sociology of Law Anthropology of Islamic Law…
  • dr. (Karin Astrid) KA Siegmann

    dr. (Karin Astrid) KA Siegmann

    Holding a PhD in Agricultural Economics, I work as a Senior Lecturer in Labour and Gender Economics at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of…

Visiting and external researchers

Agustina Solera - visiting schoalr
Freek Schiphorst
Katarzyna Grabska
Holly Ritchie
Jan Fansen
Isabelle Desportes - visiting researcher
Samantha Melis - visiting researcher