Civic Innovation researchers

Civic Innovation Research Initiative - researching gender, ecology, conflict, civil society, frugal innovation, fair-trade, reproductive health, labour rights

The Civic Innovation research group works with a wide variety of researchers including ISS faculty, post-docs, visiting researchers and PhD candidates.

ISS faculty and post-docs

  • dr. (Sylvia) SI Bergh

    dr. (Sylvia) SI Bergh

    I am an associate professor in development management and governance at ISS. I currently combine my position at ISS with the position of senior researcher at…
  • dr. (Kees) CH Biekart

    dr. (Kees) CH Biekart

    Kees Biekart is Associate Professor in Political Sociology at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research…
  • prof.dr. (Arul) AI Chib -

    prof.dr. (Arul) AI Chib -

    Arul Chib is Professor of Technology and Development at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He investigates…
  • dr. (Georgina) GM Gomez

    dr. (Georgina) GM Gomez

    I am fascinated by the diversity of forms of organising local economic governance. My interests focus on patterns of collaboration and competition around the…
  • prof.dr. (Wendy) W Harcourt

    prof.dr. (Wendy) W Harcourt

    Wendy Harcourt is Professor of Gender, Diversity and Sustainable Development at the International Institute of Social Studies of the Erasmus University in The…
  • dr. (Silke) S Heumann

    dr. (Silke) S Heumann

    Silke Heumann is a Sociologist and Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) in the Major Social Justice Perspectives (SJP). Her areas of expertise and interest are…
  • prof.dr. (Rosalba) RA Icaza Garza

    prof.dr. (Rosalba) RA Icaza Garza

    Global Politics, Feminisms and Decoloniality My research lies at the intersection of global politics, feminisms and decoloniality. The field of global politics…
  • prof.dr. (Peter) P Knorringa

    prof.dr. (Peter) P Knorringa

    Peter Knorringa is a Professor of Private Sector & Development at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His…
  • dr. (Rodrigo) R Mena Fluhmann

    dr. (Rodrigo) R Mena Fluhmann

    I am Assistant Professor of Disasters and Humanitarian Studies. I have studied and worked in humanitarian assistance/aid, disaster governance, and environmental…
  • dr. (Farhad) F Mukhtarov

    dr. (Farhad) F Mukhtarov

    Dr. Farhad Mukhtarov is Assistant Professor of Governance and Public Policy at International Institute of Social Sciences (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam…
  • (Sreerekha) S Mullassery Sathiamma

    (Sreerekha) S Mullassery Sathiamma

    Sreerekha Sathi joined ISS in January 2020. Prior to ISS, she taught at the University of Virginia, USA, in its Global Studies Program, and at the Department…
  • dr. (Lee) LJ Pegler

    dr. (Lee) LJ Pegler

    Lee Pegler works as a lecturer (Work, Organisation and Labour Rights) within the Social Policy for Development (SPD) Major at the ISS. He spent a large…
  • dr. (Karin Astrid) KA Siegmann

    dr. (Karin Astrid) KA Siegmann

    Holding a PhD in Agricultural Economics, I work as an Associate Professor in Labour and Gender Economics at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)…
  • dr. (Agustina) A Solera

    dr. (Agustina) A Solera

    I investigate processes of dialogue between cultures based on the idea of ‘Knowledge Dialogue'. My approach is sustained on interaction with different cultural…

PhD researchers

Alan Palacios (Visiting PhD researcher) 
Anna EliasExploring the extent of impact that digital platforms have on livelihoods in the informal sector
Anna Katherina VossExploring the intersections between agroecology and feminism in alternative food networks in Italy
Anne BrinkmanDeveloping insights into alternative human development efforts with a focus on the use of different perspectives to advance civic logic in conflict-affected societies

Azucena Moran Gollaz

Exploring the embodied and intersectional city experience of women and the reconfigurations they seek and make in the urban spaces through their daily trajectories to work by public transportation in Guadalajara, Mexico
Birendra SinghSearching frugality in crisis: knowledge, learning and innovation in, and around, rainwater harvesting efforts in central India
Brenda Rodriguez Cortés 
Chitrakshi VashishtInvisible within Invisibility: Intimate partner violence amongst transgender people in India
Constance DupuisBodies, technologies and wellbeing: Towards an intergenerational approach to aging and environmental wellbeing

Daniele Rossi Doria

Institutional bricolage and water governance - Exploring farmer-driven appropriation of water user association in rural Morocco

Delu Lusambya MwenebyakeUnderstanding how the bottoms-up accountability and advocacy are being implemented in the DRC
Dena ZakiGender analysis of intimate violence among the Egyptian-Dutch community in the Netherlands
Emmanuel Otto Omony 
Esther Beckley (Visiting PhD researcher) 
Evert de Witte 
Fernanda Foster de Paula (Visiting PhD researcher) 
Fiorella Macchiavello FerradasDiscussing development in emergent countries within the background of global production networks
Francesco ColinPerforming citizenship in institutional arenas for participation: petitioning to Moroccan municipalities
Gabriela Villacis IzquierdoA feminist humanitarian action? Possibilities and encounters: Learning from the experiences of crisis affected populations in Colombia
Hati GitunduExploring multilevel risk governance arrangements of non-dominant partners and construction of resilience among the urban poor
Hyeonggeun JiExploring the emerging humanitarian responses to climate-related displacement with a particular emphasis on knowledge process and political dynamics
Ilaha AbasliRe:Construct - Seeking to understand the social dimension of transition to Circular Economy in the low and middle-income contexts
Irma Nugrahanti 
Itayosara Rojas HerreraLand and commodity rushes: Dynamics of climate, labour and state-citizenship politics in the Colombian Amazon
Jaffer Latief NajarMarginalization(s) in anti-trafficking governance and policies: Learning from the perspective of urban migrants in India
Jameson LinglTowards a general theory of conflict: An examination of zero-sum thinking in conflict dynamics at the intersection of systems, situations and psychology
Joan Njagi 
Julienne De Jesus Andrade 
Lillian Sol CuevaWomen’s visions/imaginaries: Futuring energy for Mexico City’s public markets

Lize Swartz

Until death do us part: The politics of water scarcity in South Africa and implications for environmental citizenship
Luciana Dos Santos DuarteThe fabric of the forest: scaling-up Amazonian native rubber technologies in fashion value chains
Maria Ines Cubides KovacsicsDoing collaborative and participatory research with people engaging in transactional sex: Humanitarian actors and academic researchers in Pakistan, Colombia, DRC and the Netherlands

Maria Kypriotou

Exploring the trajectories and spaces of youth engagement with international development institutions
Maria Pineda EscobarUnderstanding the pending question of the connection between frugal innovation and sustainability
Marije Balt 

Marina Cadaval Narezo

Graduate  education for indigenous women from Mexico: Expected and unexpected consequences
Milja Fenger 

Natalia Lozano Arevalo

From sociotechnical expectations to situated encounters: unwanted human papillomavirus vaccination experiences of girls and young women from EI Carmen De Bolívar, Colombia
Rabbia Aslam (visiting PhD researcher)Gender Studies as an academic discipline in Pakistan: Issues, challenges and prospects

Ralph Willem Hoetmer


Renata Cavalcanti Muniz

Economic Diplomacy as a tool for development: A critical analysis of the use of Economic Diplomacy in Dutch port development investments in Brazil

Richard Hemraj Toppo

Countering hegemony: Identity-politics and Adivasi social movements in Jharkhand, India
Saba Al KuntarExploring the experience of refugee entrepreneurs in setting up businesses amid uncertain conditions
Sai Sam KhamExploring how rural agrarian land politics shape the character and trajectory of national political regime transition in Myanmar, and vice versa

Sanchita Bakshi

Investigating paradoxes of development polarisation in India: why does the rising tide not lift all boats?
Shenia Cassiano de OliveiraThe sexual exploitation of children in tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic
Shozo Sakata 

Tamara Soukotta

From living together apart to peaceful co-existence: Discursive practices of peace and conflict in Ambon, Indonesia
Toktam Ashnaiy 

Trevor Murai


Umbreen Salim

Kitchens, politics, places, temporalities & Pakistani migrant women negotiating mandatory integration in the cities of The Hague and Amsterdam

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