Key publications

Key 2011-2017 publications

 Key publications authored/co-authored by Development Economics researchers (in bold)

  • Akee, R., Basu, A.K., Bedi, A.S. & Chau, N.H. (2014). Transnational Trafficking, Law Enforcement  and Victim Protection: A Middleman Trafficker's Perspective. The Journal of Law and Economics 57(2), 349-386.

    5-Impact factor: 1.929, rank 172/347 in Economics and 66/147 in Law. (52 google scholar citations)

  • Meyer, V., Becker, N., Markantonis, V., Schwarze, R., Van Den Bergh, J., Bouwer, L., Papyrakis, E, & Hallegate, S. (2013) Review article: Assessing the costs of natural hazards-state of the art and knowledge gaps. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 13(5), 1351-1373.

    5-Impact factor: 2.709, rank 57/188 in Geosciences, Multidisciplinary and 34/85 in Metrology and Atmospheric Science. (135 google scholar citations).

  • Dizaji, S. F., & van Bergeijk, P. A. (2013) Potential early phase success and ultimate failure of economic sanctions: A VAR approach with an application to Iran. Journal of Peace Research50(6), 721-736.

    5-Impact factor: 3.176, rank 10/86 in International Relations and 24/165 in Political Studies. (40 google scholar citations)

  • Grimm, M., Knorringa, P., & Lay, J. (2012) Constrained gazelles: High potentials in West Africa’s informal economy. World Development40(7), 1352-1368.

    5-Impact factor: 3.354, rank 32/347 in Economics and 5/55 in Planning and Development. (82 google scholar citations)

  • Hoeven, R.E. van der (2014) Employment, Poverty, and Development: Do We Have the Priorities Right? In G.A. Cornia & F. Stewart (Eds.), Towards Human Development: New Approaches to Macroeconomics and Inequality (pp. 148-171). Oxford University Press.

  • Østby, G., Urdal, H., Tadjoeddin, M. Z., Murshed, S. M., & Strand, H. (2011) Population pressure, horizontal inequality and political violence: A disaggregated study of Indonesian provinces, 1990–2003. The Journal of Development Studies47(3), 377-398.

    5-Impact factor: 1.520, rank 138/347 in Economics and 31/55 in Planning and Development. (61 google scholar citations)

  • Nicholas, H. (2011). Marx's theory of price and its modern rivals. Palgrave Macmillan.

  • Muradian, R., Arsel, M., Pellegrini, L., Adaman, F., Aguilar, B., Agarwal, B., & Garcia‐Frapolli, E. (2013) Payments for ecosystem services and the fatal attraction of win‐win solutions. Conservation letters6(4), 274-279.

    5-Impact factor: 7.316, rank 2/53 in Biodiversity. (204 google scholar citations).

  • Rieger, M., & Mata, R. (2015) On the generality of age differences in social and nonsocial decision making. Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences70(2), 200-212.

    5-Impact factor: 3.878, rank 14/49 in Geriatrics and Gerontology and 21/77 Psychology. (17 google scholar citations).

  • Braunstein, E., Van Staveren, I., & Tavani, D. (2011) Embedding care and unpaid work in macroeconomic modeling: a structuralist approach

    Feminist economics, 17(4), 5-31.

    5-Impact factor: 1.628, rank 97/347 in Economics and 10/41 Women Studies. (28 google scholar citations).

  • Carbonnier, G., & Wagner, N. (2015) Resource dependence and armed violence: Impact on sustainability in developing countries. Defence and Peace Economics26(1), 115-132.

    5-Impact factor: 1.069, rank 147/347 in Economics. (8 google scholar citations).