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Development Economics researchers participate in a variety of research projects, produce policy and briefing notes, participate in networks with colleagues around the world and publish in world-renowned academic journals.

Here are some examples of our research.

Corona and the World Economy - Peter van Bergeijk

Corona and the World Economy - Peter van Bergeijk

Ideas from 10 (almost) forgotten economists

Applying the ideas of ten renowned economists to real world economic problems

Alternative ideas from 10 (almost) forgotten economists

Messages of support to HIV patients

Mobile technology in the treatment of HIV patients in Burkina Faso

SMS text messages to support HIV patients - Interview Natascha Wagner

Linking Social Protection Programmes in Ethiopia

Coordinating interventions enhances protection to households to multiple risks

Linking Social Protection Programs in Ethiopia

All Eyes on the Amazon

Technology enabling indigenous communities to monitor environmental damage in the Amazon

Has international trade accelerated the obesity epidemic in Mexico?

Policy brief

Jars of food on supermarket shelf

Research lines

The Development Economics research group conducts it's research along 4 well-defined research lines:

  • Economics of households, firms and institutions
  • South-south globalization, value chains and economic geography
  • Conflict, cooperation and economic governance
  • Health and economic development

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