Social Protection and Inequality research theme

A selection of projects, networks, teaching, events and publications related to the Social Protection and Inequality research theme.

Project and networks

Well-being, Ecology, Gender & cOmmunity
Building resilient, equitable and sustainable futures
Aiding Social Protection
Development assistance towards social expenditures
The Crisis & Developing Countries
The financial crisis in developing countries and emerging markets
Governance of Labour & Logistics
Labour rights and human security in global value chains
SMS to Promote Retention
Text messaging to help patients with antiretroviral therapy
Approaches to the Rule of Law
High quality research on the rule of law and human rights
Indices of Social Development
Tracking social development along six dimensions
Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa
Effective use of frugal innovations and technologies

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Uganda

Aiming to strengthen the SRHR education and training in Uganda

More about SET-SRHR