The global environmental crisis and emission rights: the rise of green extractivism in Mozambique

PhD student

Natacha Bruna

Thursday 25 Feb 2021, 13:00 - 14:00
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Natacha Bruna

In this Research in Progress Seminar, PhD researcher Natacha Bruna will explore the how climate change policies are shaping global patterns of accumulation, relating these particularly to green extractivism in Mozambique.

In this first Research in Progress Seminar of 2021, Natacha Bruna considers how the global environmental crisis has put climate change at the centre of the international agenda, shaping global policies, investments, aid and finance.

She argues that as a result, the new scramble for Africa has become 'greener than ever' as the continent is identified as the solution of the current crisis and the main target of climate change mitigation and adaptation policies (FAO, 2013; The World Bank, 2011).

Focusing on Mozambique, she argues that it is amongst the most vulnerable and least prepared countries in the world with regards to climate change and natural disasters. At the same time, it has a vast potential of biodiversity, water sources and land to implement climate change mitigation and adaptation policies (MITADER, 2017). She looks at two specific empirical cases in Central Mozambique: the almost decade-old REDD++ project in the Gilé National Reserve and an integrated Climate-Smart Agriculture and forest plantation project implemented in a neighboring area