PhD defences in 2009

  • Jerome Awortwe-Abban - 9 December 2009

    Ghanaian Graduates in Enterprise

    Professor Bert Helmsing (Promotor)

    Professor Meine Pieter van Dijk (Co-Promotor)

     Jerome Awortwe-Abban
  • Pascale Hatcher - 6 November 2009

    The Politics of Entrapment: The World Bank, The Integrated Development Model & Citizenship at a Crossroad

    Professor Richard Robison (Promotor)

    Dr Kees Biekart (Co-Promotor)

    Full Thesis

    Pascale Hatcher
  • Mallika Pinnawala - 13 March 2009

    Gender Transformation and Female Migration' Sri Lankan domestic workers negotiate transnational household relations

    Professor Ashwani Saith (Promotor)

    Dr Amrita Chhachhi (Co-Promotor)

    Mallika Pinnawala
  • Sailaja Nandigama - 22 December 2009

    Transformations in the Making: Actor-networks, Elite-control and Gender Dynamics in Community Forest Management Intervention in Adavipalli, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Professor Mohamed Salih (Promotor)

    Dr Marlène Buchy (Co-Promotor)

    Full Thesis

    Sailaja Nandigama
  • Daniel Oshi - 12 March 2009

    Rural women and the financing of health care in Nigeria

    Professor Ben White (Promotor)

    Dr Jan Kees van Donge (Co-Promotor)

    Daniel Oshi
  • Lu Caizhen - 8 May 2009

    Who is poor in China? Comparison of Alternative Approaches to Poverty Assessment in Rural Yunnan

    Professor Ashwani Saith (Promotor)

    Dr Marlène Buchy (Co-Promotor)

    Lu Caizhen
  • Leandro Serino - 2 November 2009

    Productive Diversification in Natural Resource-Abundant Countries - Limitations, Policies and the Experience of Argentina in the 2000s

    Professor Mansoob Murshed (Promotor)

    Professor Rob Vos (Co-Promotor)

    Leandro Serino
  • Degefe Duressa Obo - 23 July 2009

    Microfinance in Ethiopia: Elixer or Poison?

    Professor Meine Pieter van Dijk (Promotor)

    Dr Henk Moll  (Co-Promotor)

    Degefe Duressa Obo
  • Tausi Kida - 10 November 2009

    The Systemic Interaction of Health Care Market and Urban Poverty in Tanzania

    Professor Marc Wuyts (Promotor)

    Professor Maureen Mackintosh (Co-Promotor)

    Tausi Kida
  • Filmon Hadaro Hando - 17 November 2009

    Vulnerable Widows and Drought Relief in Ethiopia: Gidicho Community, Southwest Ethiopia

    Professor Mohamed Salih (Promotor)

    Dr Thanh-Dam Truong (Co-Promotor)

    Filmon Hadaro Hando
  • Victor Selorme Gedzi - 19 October 2009

    Principles and Practices of Dispute Resolution in Ghana - Ewe and Akan Procedures on Female's Inheritance and Property Rights

    Professor Gerrie ter Haar (Promotor)

    Dr Barbara Oomen (Co-Promotor)

    Victor Selorme Gedzi

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