BICAS Working Paper Series

Working Papers published under the BICAS umbrella




1Authoritarian Resource Governance and Emerging Peasant Resistance in the Context of Sino-Vietnamese Tree Plantations, Southeastern LaosMiles Kenney-Lazar
2Food Regimes and Food Regime Analysis: A Selective SurveyHenry Bernstein
3The BRICS phenomenon: from regional economic leaders to global political playersLaurence Piper
4Opening up markets or fostering a new satellite state? Detangling the impetuses of Chinese land investments in TajikistanIrna Hofman
5Multilatin agribusiness: the expansion of Argentinian firms in BrazilClara Craviotti
6BRICS and MICs in Bolivia’s ‘value’-chain agricultureBen McKay
7Bilateral Relations and Development Trajectories of Brazil and China: BRICS’ Agrarian Issues at the Centre of the Contemporary ‘Double Movement’Fabiano Escher, Sergio Schneider and Jingzhong Ye
8New ‘webs of power’ and agrarian transformations in Cambodia: Where are the women?Clara Mi Young Park
9Chinese and Other Foreign Investments in the Brazilian Soybean ComplexGustavo de L. T. Oliveira
10Tapping into the Rubber Market: Opium Replacement and the Role of Rubber in Developing LaosJuliet Lu

Perceptions and Practices of Investment: China’s hydropower investments in mainland Southeast Asia

Vanessa Lamb and Nga Dao
12Emerging Trends in Global Commodities Markets: The Role of Brazil and China in Contemporary Agrarian TransformationsCarolina Milhorance de Castro
13Chinese Agrarian Capitalism in the Russian Far EastJiayi Zhou
14CP maize contract farming in Shan State, Myanmar: A regional case of a place-based corporate agro-feed systemKevin Woods
15Political Economy of the Rise of the Contemporary Industrial Tree Plantation Sector in Southern China Yunan Xu
16Brazil, the Southern Cone, and China: The Agribusiness ConnectionJohn Wilkinson, Valdemar João Wesz Junior and Anna Rosa Maria Lopane
17Chinese Agricultural and Land Investments in Southeast Asia: A Preliminary Overview of TrendsElyse Mills
18Beyond the Fence of the Brazilian Farm: New Evidence on Brazil-based Agroindustry in Latin AmericaLee Mackey
19“Don’t Stop the Mill”: South African Sugar, Agrarian Change and Outgrowers Adverse Incorporation in the Kilombero Valley, TanzaniaGiuliano Martiniello



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