Housing for PhD researchers

Finding housing is not easy, but essential for anyone staying for 4 months or longer.

You are legally obliged to register a valid Dutch address (not a hotel!) with your municipality 5 days after arrival (you can find more information on the official website of The Hague dealing with residency  or contact HR International: hr.international@eur.nl).

Once you have registered with the municipality you will receive a Citizen Service Number (in Dutch: ‘BSN’). A Citizen Service Number is essential for everyone living in the Netherlands. This is especially the case for non-EU holders of a residence permit, who cannot even open a bank account in the Netherlands without this BSN.

Failing to provide a valid address can have consequences
for your residence permit.

International staff and PhD candidates are allowed to use the ISS address when registering with the municipality of The Hague (contact
pso@iss.nl for more information). The ISS address can be used as a valid address for a maximum period of three months. However, this should be a last resort solution, you are obliged to actively search for a home address with which to register and to keep ISS informed during this process.

Please note that it is your own responsibility to find accommodation in The Hague.