PhD defences in 2014

  • Jan Willem le Grand

    Jan Willem le Grand - 23 December 2014

    Sustainable Pathways or Troubled Development? Rural Community Dynamics in the Andean Valleys of Bolivia

    Professor dr Bert Helmsing (Promotor)

    Professor dr Annelies Zoomers (Promotor)

  • Hacer Deniz Akşin

    Hacer Deniz Akşin - 16 December 2014

    Structural Adjustment and Peasant Producers: The Political Economy of a Turkish Export Crop

    Professor dr Ben White (Promotor)

    Associate Professor dr Murat Arsel (Co-Promotor)

  • Rekopantswe Mate

    Rekopantswe Mate - 11 December 2014

    Grappling With Emerging Adulthoods: Youth Narratives of Coming of Age in a Frontier Town, Zimbabwe

    Professor dr Ben White (Promotor)

    Associate Professor dr Dubravka Zarkov (Co-Promotor)

  • Adriano Alfredo Nuvunga

    Adriano Alfredo Nuvunga  - 26 November 2014

    From the Two-Party to the Dominant-Party System in Mozambique, 1994-2012: Framing Frelimo Party Dominance in Context 

    Professor dr Wil Hout (Promotor)

    Professor dr Mohamed Salih  (Promotor)

  • Ricardo Real Pedrosa de Sousa

    Ricardo Real Pedrosa de Sousa - 19 September 2014

    External Interventions and Conflicts in Africa After the End of the Cold War

    Professor dr Mansoob Murshed (Promotor)

    Professor dr Mohamed Salih (Promotor)

  • Hannington Odame

    Hannington Odame - 17 September 2014

    Innovation Dynamics and Agricultural Biotechnology in Kenya 

    Professor dr Ben White (Promotor)

  • Renate Hartwig

    Renate Hartwig - 12 March 2014

    Essays on the Effects of Informal and Formal Protection Arrangements

    Professor dr Michael Grimm (Promotor)

    Dr Robert Sparrow (Co-Promotor)

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