The Development Economics research group receives grants and funding from a number of external organizations for its projects and research.

The current (2017) major running and awarded projects are:

  • Community monitoring of socio-environmental liabilities with advanced technologies in Ecuador and Peru: Evidence from a randomized control trial using high-frequency data. 
    International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)The budget is $532K, lead Lorenzo Pellegrini.

  • Behavioral Responses to Information on Contaminated Drinking Water: Randomized Evidence from the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon. 
    International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)The budget is $480K, lead Lorenzo Pellegrini.
  • Mobile health in Burkina Faso 
    International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie): The project comprises the evaluation of SMS reminders to promote retention and adherence to ART programs. The budget is €510K, is being carried out by Natascha Wagner.
  • Two Grants for Causal Factors of Child Growth.
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Individual grants to Matthias Rieger: €307,862 for the period January 2017 - December 2018 and €186,357 for the period October 2015 - December 2016.
  • Regulation of wood packaging material in international trade: An empirical analysis of how the regulation affects the economy of a group of countries in Africa (Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Mozambique).
    WTO-STDF: Implementation of the International Standard on Phytosanitary Measures, ISPM 15 -  The budget is $300K, by Elissaios Papyrakis and Luca Tasciotti.
  • Soaring International Food Prices and Political Upheaval in Fragile Food Exporting Countries: Implications for Food Security Resilience.
    Qatar National Research Fund Grant:  NPRP8-1040-5-148, commenced February 2016. Mansoob Murshed runs this grant from Coventry University.
  • Universalizing Access to Health Care in Developing Countries.
    Research Excellence Initiative: Grant from Erasmus University Rotterdam Joint project with four other faculties of the University spread over five years. The budget is €1 million, is being carried out by Arjun Bedi, Robert Sparrow, Matthias Rieger and Natascha Wagner.
  • Boosting Maternal and Child Health in Wollega. 
    ORIOThe budget is €478K, by Arjun Bedi and Natascha Wagner.
  • Social Insurance and Labour Market Outcome in Ethiopia Community
    Arjun Bedi together with Måns Söderbom (University of Gothenburg), Admasu Shiferaw (College of William and Mary), and Getnet Alemu (Addis Ababa University), a grant of approximately €340K has been approved for funding.
  • Analistennetwerk Nationale Veiligheid (ANV)
    Ministry of Justice and Homeland Security, carried out by Peter van Bergeijk.
  • Millennium Challenge Corporation
    Task-based research on Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index work in Niger and Togo (Fleur Wouterse).