Governance, Law and Social Justice key publications

Selected publications in the CERES A category

This list includes all CERES A category publications by full Governance, Law and Social Justice researchers. For a full list of research publications per member, please consult their individual profiles.

Arts, K. (2017), Inclusive sustainable development: a human rights perspectiveScienceDirect

Arts, K., Ambrus, M., Arts, K., Hey, E. & Raulus, H. (Eds.). (2014). The Role of ' Experts' in International and European Decision-Making Processes: Advisors, Decision Makers or Irrelevant Actors? Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, with the following individual contributions from GGSJ members:

Arts, K.(et al.) 'The Role of Experts in International and European Decision-Making Processes: Setting the Scene', pp. 1-16; Handmaker, J. and Mora, C. '"Experts": the mantra of irregular migration and the reproduction of hierarchies', 263-287; Knio, K. 'Role of Experts and Financial Supervision in the EU: The de Larosière Commission', 341-360.

Arts, K. (2013), ‘Lomé/Cotonou Conventions’, in Wolfruhm, R. et al. (eds), Max Planck Institute Encyclopedia of Public International Law, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Atabongawung, T.A. (2015) 'Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives and the Evolution of the Business and Human Rights Discourse: Lessons from the Kimberley Process and Conflict Diamonds' In J. Martin & K.E. Bravo (Eds.), The Business and Human Rights Landscape: Moving Forward, Looking Back (pp. 75-105), New York: Cambridge University Press.

Chhachhi, A. and Truong, T.-D. (2010) ‘Gender, Poverty, and Social Justice’, in Denemark, R.A. (ed.) The International Studies Encyclopedia: Feminist Theory and Gender Studies, Malden: Wiley-Blackwell.

Engel, S. and Susilo, A. (2014) 'Shaming and Sanitation in Indonesia: A Return to Colonial Public Health Practices?' Development and Change 45(1):157-178. Link to abstract (open) and full article (requires a subscription).

Gomez, O.A., Gasper, D. & Mine, Y. (2015) 'Moving development and security narratives a step further: Human security in the Human Development Reports The Journal of Development Studies, 52 (1), 113-129.

Gasper, D. (2010) ‘The idea of human security’, in O'Brien, K., St. Clair, A.L. and Kristoffersen, B. (eds.) Climate change, ethics and human security, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Gomez, O.A.,Gasper, D. & Mine, Y. (2015). Moving development and security narratives a step further: Human security in the Human Development Reports. The Journal of Development Studies, 52 (1), 113-129.

Fløttum, K.,Gasper, D. & St.Clair, A.L. (2016). Synthesizing a Policy-Relevant Message from the Three IPCC “Worlds” – a comparison of topics and frames in the SPMs of the Fifth Assessment Report.  Global Environmental Change-Human and Policy Dimensions, 38, 118-129.

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Gasper, D.(2015). Precautionary? Principled? In D. Kamal & M. Di Paola (Eds.), Climate Change and Human Rights: The 2015 Paris Conference and the Task of Protecting People on a Warming Planet. Sussex: Global Policy (Wiley-Blackwell).

Gasper, D.(2014). Logos, pathos and ethos in Martha C. Nussbaum’s capabilities approach to human development. In F. Comim & M.C. Nussbaum (Eds.), Capabilities, gender, equality: toward fundamental entitlements (pp. 96-130). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,

Handmaker, J.D.(2013) 'In Search of a Human Face in the Middle East: Addressing Israeli Impunity for War Crimes' in M. Matthee, B. Toebes & M..M..T..A. Brus (Eds.), Armed Conflict and International Law: In Search of the Human Face - Liber Amicorum in Memory of Avril McDonald (pp. 155-168). The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Press, Distributed by Springer.

Hintjens, H.M. & Cruz, S. de la (2014). Continuities of Violence in the Congo: Legacies of Hammarskjöld and Lumumba. In C. Stahn & H. Melber (Eds.), Peace Diplomacy, Global Justice and International Agency: Rethinking Human Security and Ethics in the Spirit of Dag Hammarskjöld (pp. 216-239). Cambridge, UK. Cambridge University Press.

Hintjens, H.M. and Pavan, S. (2011) ‘Africa: Illusions of Peace, Illusions of War’, Development and Change 42(3):  859-871.

Hout, W.(ed.) (2010) ‘Governance, Development and the South: Contesting EU Policies, Special Issue of Third World Quarterly, 31(1): 1-168, with the following individual contributions from GGSJ members:

Hout, W. ‘Governance and Development: Changing EU Policies’, pp. 1-12; Knio, K. ‘Investigating the Two Faces of Governance: the Case of the Euro- Mediterranean Development Bank’, pp. 105-122; Icaza, R. ‘Global Europe, Guilty! Contesting EU neoliberal governance for Latin America and the Caribbean’, pp. 123-140; Hout, W. ‘Between Development and Security: The European Union, Governance and Fragile States’, pp. 141-157.

Hout, W. (2012) ‘The Anti-politics of Development: Donor Agencies and the Political Economy of Governance’, Third World Quarterly 33(3): 429-46.

Truong, T. & Kniou, M.K.A. (2016). The South China Sea and Asian Regionalism. A Critical Realist Perspective.  (Briefs in Environment, Security, Development and Peace, 24). Cham (Switzerland): Springer.

Salih, M.A.R.M. (2015). Regimes of Truth; Ethnocide and Genocide in the Nuba Mountains. In L.N. Laura Beny & S Sandra Hale (Eds.), Sudan's Killing Fields: Political Violence and Fragmentation (pp. 99-116). Trenton, New Jersey: Africa Academic World and Red Sea Press.

Tankha, S., Misal, A. and Fuller, B. (2010) ‘Getting Reforms Done in Inhospitable Institutional Environments: Untying a Gordian Knot in India's Power Sector’, Energy Policy 38(11): 7121-7129.

Truong, T. D., Gasper, D., Handmaker, J. and Bergh, S.(eds) (2014) Migration, Gender and Social Justice: Perspectives on Human Insecurity. (Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace, 9). Heidelberg: Springer, with numerous individual contributions from GGSJ members and affiliates.

Truong, T.-D. and Gasper, D. (eds) (2011) Transnational Migration and Human Security: The Migration-Development-Security Nexus, Berlin: Springer (368 pages), with the following individual contributions from GGSJ members:

Truong, T.-D. and Gasper, D., ‘Transnational Migration, Development and Human Security’, pp. 3-22;Truong, T.-D., ‘The Governmentality of Transnational Migration and Security: The Making of a New Subaltern’, pp. 23-38; Maas, W.M. and Truong, T.-D.,‘Europeanization and the Right to Seek Refuge’, pp. 67-80; Sharma, A. and Knio, K. ,‘Financial Globalization and the Mechanisms of Migrants? Remittance: Formed by Supply or Demand?’, pp. 103-116; Campillo Carrete, B. and Gasper, D. (2011)  ‘Managing migration in the IOM's World Migration Report 2008’, pp. 117-132;Hintjens, H., Kumar, R. and Pouri, A. ‘Pro-Asylum Advocacy in the EU: Challenging the State of Exception’, pp. 209-223; Roldan, B. and Gasper, D., ‘The global forum on migration and development: “All talk an no action” or “A chance to frame the issues in a way that allows you to move forward together?”’, pp. 239-256; Gasper, D. ‘International migration, well-being and transnational ethics’, pp. 259-366.

Zarkov, D., Handmaker, J.D. and Hintjens, H.M.(2011) ‘Rhonda Copelon: Activist, Lawyer, Feminist’, Development and Change 42(1): 387-398.