Governance, Law and Social Justice research

Projects that the Governance, Law and Social Justice research group is involved in.

  • Buldozers widening the river in Jakarta, Indonesia. This governmental flood intervention project entailed clearance of the riverbanks which stirred protest among poor riverbank settlers as they were evicted.

    When disasters meets conflict

    This project focuses on the disaster response of humanitarian aid and local state and non-state institutions in different conflict scenarios.

  • Crisis, Continuity and Change project

    Crisis in Pedagogy

    This project addresses the manner in which crisis is theorized in its own right and learns from past responses to crisis.

  • Integrating Normative and Functional Approaches to the Rule of Law

    Integrating normative and functional approaches to rule of law and human rights

    This project is dedicated to pursuing high quality research on the rule of law and human rights in an interdisciplinary framework and fostering collaboration between researchers at Erasmus University and beyond.

  • Boys on road in Somalia

    Migration and Human Security

    This project focuses on notions of human security and human development as concepts that challenge traditional notions of security and development.