GLSJ Researchers

Senior researchers

  • Karin Arts

    Karin Arts, Professor of International Law and Development and member of the GGSJ Research Group Management Team

  • Des Gasper, Professor of Human Development, Development Ethics and Public Policy and Head of the GGSJ Research Group Management Team

  • Jeff Handmaker

    Jeff Handmaker, Senior Lecturer in Law, Human Rights and Development and member of the GGSJ Research Group Management Team

  • Thea Hilhorst

    Thea Hilhorst, Professor of Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction and leader of the "When Disasters Meet Conflict" programme, funded by an NWO-VICI grant. See also the programme blog

  • Helen Hintjens, Senior Lecturer in Development and Social Justice

  • Wil Hout, Professor of Governance and International Political Economy

  • Karim Knio, Senior Lecturer in Politics

  • Mohamed Salih

    Mohamed Salih, Professor of Politics of Development

  • Sunil Tankha

    Sunil Tankha, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management

  • Roanne van Voorst

    Roanne van Voorst, Postdoctoral Researcher in the When Disasters Meet Conflict programme

  • Joop de Wit

    Joop de Wit, Associate Professor in Public Policy and Development Management

Affiliated and Visiting Researchers

  • Sylvia Bergh

    Sylvia Bergh, Associate Professor in Development Management and Governance

  • Silke_Heumann

    Silke Heumann, Lecturer in Women, Gender and Development

  • Roy Huijsmans

    Roy Huijsmans, Senior Lecturer in Children and Youth Studies

  • Shyamika Jayasundara Smit

    Shyamika Jayasundara, Teaching and Research Fellow

  • Kim Lane Scheppele

    Kim Lane Scheppele, Professor of Sociology and International Affairs at Princeton University and EUR Visiting Professor 2016-2018, as part of the INFAR project managed by Erasmus School of Law

  • Karin Astrid Siegmann

    Karin Astrid Siegmann, Senior Lecturer in Labour and Gender

  • Abatonbawung Tamo

    Atabong Tamo, Research Fellow

  • Sarah-Jane KoulenPhD candidate in Anthropology at Princeton University

  • Sanele Sibanda, EUSA-ID Fellow, senior lecturer, School of Law, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa