Governance, Law and Social Justice researchers

Science policy and social justice - Governance, Law and Social Justice (GLSJ)

The Governance, Law and Social Justice research group works with a wide variety of researchers including ISS faculty, post-docs, visiting researchers and PhD candidates.

ISS faculty and post-docs

  • (Karin) CJM Arts

    **Profile Chair in International Law and Development** Law is a major factor in processes of development and/or transition, either as an instrument of change or… (Karin) CJM Arts
  • dr. (Kaira Zoe) KZ Canete

    Dr. Kaira Zoe Alburo-Cañete is a Filipino feminist scholar with training in Anthropology and Critical Development Studies. She is currently Senior Researcher at…
    dr. (Kaira Zoe) KZ Canete
  • dr. (Jeff) JD Handmaker

    I joined the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), which is the Hague Campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam in February 2007. Among my external…
    dr. (Jeff) JD Handmaker
  • (Thea) DJM Hilhorst

    I am an expert in development in areas affected by disaster, conflict or fragility, with a special focus on aid-society relations: the impact of humanitarian… (Thea) DJM Hilhorst
  • prof.dr. (Wil) W Hout

    Wil Hout is professor of Governance and International Political Economy at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam…
    prof.dr. (Wil) W Hout
  • dr. (Shyamika) SMS Jayasundara - Smits

      My research and teaching focuses broadly on the inter-connections of Governance, Development, Violent conflict and Peace(building). More…
    dr. (Shyamika) SMS Jayasundara - Smits
  • dr. (Zeynep) Z Kasli

    I am an interdisciplinary scholar with research and teaching experience that transcend the disciplinary boundaries between political science, sociology,…
    dr. (Zeynep) Z Kasli
  • dr. (Karim) MKA Kniou

    Biography – Dr. Karim Knio Profile Dr. Karim Knio is an Associate Professor in International Political Economy and Governance at the Institute of Social Studies…
    dr. (Karim) MKA Kniou
  • dr. (Rodrigo) R Mena Fluhmann

    I am an Assistant Professor of Disasters and Humanitarian Studies, also serving as the Deputy Director of the Humanitarian Studies Centre (HSC) and Coordinator…
    dr. (Rodrigo) R Mena Fluhmann
  • mr.dr. (Daphina) DJE Misiedjan

    mr.dr. (Daphina) DJE Misiedjan
  • dr. (Farhad) F Mukhtarov

    Mukhtarov is Assistant Professor of Governance and Public Policy at the International Institute of Social Sciences (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam…
    dr. (Farhad) F Mukhtarov
  • dr. (Jojo) JT Nem Singh

    Jewellord (Jojo) Nem Singh is an Assistant Professor in International Development at the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, part of Erasmus…
    dr. (Jojo) JT Nem Singh
  • dr. (Sunil) S Tankha

      Sunil Tankha is Assistant Professor of States, Societies and World Development at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus…
    dr. (Sunil) S Tankha
  • dr. (Nanneke) SWS Winters

    My ethnographic work has evolved around the role and experience of im/mobility in people’s lives, in Central America and elsewhere. More specifically, I have…
    dr. (Nanneke) SWS Winters

Visiting and Affiliated researchers

Joop de Wit - Associate Professor in Public Policy and Development Management
Des Gasper - Emeritus Professor of Human Development, Development Ethics and Public Policy
Antony Otieno Ong'ayo - Academic researcher
Ayhan Işik - Academic researcher
Tefera Negash Gebregziabher  - Visiting researcher
Cathi Albertyn - Professor / Co-supervisor from the University of the Witwatersrand, Joint ISS-Wits PhD Programme
Jonathan Klaaren - Professor / Co-supervisor from the University of the Witwatersrand, Joint ISS-Wits PhD Programme
Tshepo Madlingozi - Associate Professor / Co-supervisor from the University of the Witwatersrand, Joint ISS-Wits PhD Programme
Hadeel Abu Hussein - Legal Mobilization Fellow, Legal Mobilization Project
Ahmed Abofoul - Legal Mobilization Fellow, Legal Mobilization Project
Michael Farrely - affiliate researcher
Kody Moodley
Malte Luken

PhD researchers

Afroza Bulbul

Cinematic representation of gender and sexuality in liberation war movies of Bangladesh (2011 – 2020)

Ahmed Elassal

Accountability and service delivery performance in Uganda: A comparative study of the education and social protection sectors

Akeerbieke Nuerjiazi

Localized learning and regional development in central Asia: Joint ventures, industrial policy and economic restructuring on rare earth industry in Kazakhstan

Alberto Estrada Mares

Migration policies’ influence on Mexico’s migration transition after 40 years of neoliberalism: A case study of migration policies toward digital nomads and NTCA migrants

Ana Victoria Portocarrero

Climate change adaptation and food insecurity in Nicaragua: Discourses, power, resistance, transformation

Anderson Macedo De Jesus

Values education in Brazil: A study of three educational initiatives based on value formation

Andrew Dryhurst

Ai, cryptography & the emergence of web3: An icma-fr analysis of the political economy of the contemporary internet

Anne Brinkman

Can we practice as we preach? The contribution of diverse perspectives to the emergence of civic logic in Libya - the case of Libya and EU efforts

Ashwin Parulkar

Homeless people and homelessness policy and practice in Delhi

Azucena Gollaz Moran

Women´s daily mobilities to work by public transport in Guadalajara, Mexico

Beatrice Hati Gitundu

Multilevel disaster resilience governance (MLG) in marginalized communities: The case of grassroots organizations, GROs, in Nairobi’s informal settlements

Beatriz Adriana Campillo Carrete

Migration discourses in un emerging governance arrangements: The GFDM, the IOM and the GCSORM

Charmika Samaradiwakera-Wijesundara

Interrogating the relationship between the company, the state and human beings: Reimagining juristic personality by re-centering the human in human rights

Claudia Rodriguez Orrego

The political economy of rights-based judicialization of healthcare in Colombia: Distributive dynamics of judicial interventions on the reform of healthcare policy

Delu Lusambya Mwenebyake

Understanding humanitarian governance in Democratic Republic of Congo: Community-driven accountability and advocacy in humanitarian actions

Eftal Ozmen Ilbilgi

Constructing integration from below: Comparative urban experiences of young people in the Netherlands

Ekaterina Evdokimova

Persistent institutionalization of children with severe multiple impairments in Russia: Reasons, dynamics, solutions

Elizabeth Swartz

When power meets uncertainty: Collapse, crisis and the politics of urban water scarcity in South Africa

Gabriela Villacis Izquierdo

A feminist humanitarian action? Possibilities and encounters: Learning from the experiences of crisis affected populations in Colombia

Guido Maschhaupt

Coalition-building for pro-poor policy reform

Hao Zhang

Policy advocacy and global climate governance: The case of Chinese NGOs

Haya Alfarra

Decolonizing humanitarianism: A diaspora humanitarian perspective: the case of Palestinian German diaspora organisations’ response to the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip

Hyeonggeun Ji

Humanitarian governance on climate-related displacement

Ilaha Abasli

Re:construct - seeking to understand the social dimension of transition to the circular economy in the low and middle-income contexts

Jaffer Najar

Locating marginalized voices in human trafficking discourse: Learning from the experience of urban migrants in India

Jameson Lingl

Towards a general theory of conflict: An examination of zero-sum thinking in conflict dynamics at the intersection of systems, situations and psychology

Jimmy Maguru Mugisha

The ‘unexpected visitors’ and ‘good-host’ discourse: Social accountability, policy and realities of sexual and reproductive health of young people in two refugee settlements in Uganda

Kim Chi Tran

On being education nomads: How Mongolian herders' children straddle ways of knowing and relating.

Manuel Mindreau Montero

Green industrial policy, value chains and critical raw materials: the case of Brazil

Margaux Schulz

Fighting back against accumulation by dispossession: The territorialization of anti-neoliberal struggles - an immanent causality morphogenetic approach

Maria Ines Cubides Kovacsics

Doing collaborative and participatory research with people engaging in transactional sex, humanitarian actors and academic researchers in Pakistan, Colombia, DRC and the Netherlands

Mausumi Moran Chetia

Ideas of home and human security for communities affected by disaster-displacement in India

Mohsen Yazdanpanah

On money, capitalism and development: An inquiry to the generative mechanism of capitalism

Nguyen Minh Quang

Mekong Delta before the flood: Climate policy and community action

Petronilla Wandeto

Neopatrimonialism, pockets of effectiveness and pro-poor policy-making: Competitive clientelism and agro-industrial policy-making in Ghana and Uganda

R. Matika

Questioning the guardians: socio-legal case study analyses of the independence of the electoral commissions of Zambia and Zimbabwe

Rafael Rosa Cedro

Policy paradigms, networks and practices: Analyzing change in the thinking about economic development influencing policy and strategy making in early-21st-century Brazil

Raimond Duijsens

Humanitarian consequences of urbanization for the Red Cross

Rima Rassi

Crisis of crisis management: Lebanon, UNHCR and the Syrian refugee influx

Saba Al Kuntar

Ways to survive, hurdles to cross: Refugee entrepreneurship and networking in precarity

Summer Brown

Understanding the power of the ‘local’ in manoeuvring between diverging and converging humanitarian and peacebuilding paradigms

Thandiwe Matthews

Advancing substantive equality and socio-economic rights: Contestations surrounding social assistance, elites and intersectional systemic inequalities in South Africa

Valentin Akayezu


Xander Creed

Security and mobility: Theorizing and applying a human security framework in the field of migration governance

Yazid Zahda

Palestine: A case of neoliberalization

Yeshiwas Degu Belay

The role of the state, gender and politics in Ethiopian international peacekeeping

Yuyun Wahyunigrum

Human rights as a site of contestations in Asean regionalism

Zhiqi Xu

The policy innovation process of community-driven development in rural China and development actors' mindsets

Zuzana Reptova

Crises management and transitions in the European neighbourhood: How far beyond the liberal transition paradigm?

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