Land & Life Stories series

Stories from global land rushes
Commodity & land rushes regimes (RRUSHES-5) Land & Life Story series cover

The Land & Life Stories Series is a series of short stories about land and life.

An initiative of the Commodity & land rushes and regimes (RRUSHES-5) research project, the series provides short feature stories that combine terrible tales of displacement and dispossession, ordinary people’s courage to resist and stories of hope in fighting to defend or reclaim ordinary people’s land and territory.

The stories in this series are not random, isolated anecdotes; they are illustrative cases of a global phenomenon about the politics of land. Stories to be featured in this Series affirm the common view among ordinary rural people worldwide – that land is life: it is everything that could guarantee the maintenance of life.

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Informal shelters built by indigenous of ‘Iwitsulibo’ – awaiting for a legal recognition of their ancestral lands
Lorenza Arango

Reclaiming land in Colombia

'Land is everything': Reclaiming grabbed indigenous land in Colombia - Lorenza Arango Vásquez, August 2022

'I was eight years old when they killed my father, and that was when we left this territory… I had to wander like a stranger, aimlessly…'  Leader of San Rafael Warrojo. 

This is a story of indigenous peoples who were forced to abandon their land many years ago because of violence. When they came back, they found their land being occupied and farmed in a big agribusiness operation. Since then, they struggled to reclaim their land.

Read this story in Spanish - 'La tierra lo es todo': La lucha por recuperar territorios indigenas arrebatados en Colombia

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