Signing a contract and furnishing your accommodation

Legal aspects and rent benefit

There is a lot involved in signing a housing contract. To ensure that you are well informed about legal aspects and rent benefit, please visit the following EUR pages:   


While searching for accommodation you will come across frequently used Dutch terms. This glossary of terms will be helpful to understand what's on offer.

Furnishing your room

New furniture

For new yet inexpensive furniture you can head for IKEA. There isn’t a branch in The Hague, the closest IKEA store is located in Delft. It is easily accessible by public transport. If you need towels, cookware, bedding, cutlery, utility, lighting and storage you can visit one of the following well known Dutch shops (websites are in Dutch only):


Second-hand furniture

A website that is widely used in the Netherlands to buy or sell second-hand goods is (only in Dutch). Much like e-bay, it serves as a marketplace. It has a large supply of used furniture at reasonable prices. Sometimes furniture is even offered for free, as long as you pick it up yourself.

If you’d rather visit a second-hand furniture shop, Kringloop Den Haag is a good option. This is a chain of stores exclusively selling used goods. They have 4 locations in The Hague: at Zwedenburg (north eastern part of The Hague), Weimarstraat (northern part), Neherkade (city centre), and Wateringen (south).