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The Development Economics research group is a multicultural group of development economists with a strong international network and PhD researchers that work on a common research and training agenda in the multidisciplinary environment of the international Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University, a leading European Development Studies institute.

This research group values the multi-cultural and multidisciplinary context and the opportunities offered by the ISS research agenda that form the bases for successful production of rigorous innovative research with significant societal impact and the development of high quality funding proposals. Open to other disciplines and embedded in a leading European development studies institute, we provide an economic perspective on development processes and structural change all around the globe.

Research theme

The major research concerns of this programme are the social, political and economic conditions required to make the transition to a higher level of economic and human development and, in turn, the effect of this transition on the global poor and disadvantaged.

This theme is studied by integrating insights from microeconomic and macroeconomic research focused on high quality publications, a variety of theoretical perspectives and empirically tested with state-of-the art econometric techniques.

Development Economics research valorization

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