Leading research conducted by ISS professors

ISS professors

  • Murat Arsel - portrait 2019

    Murat Arsel: Professor of the Political Economy of Sustainable Development

    Keywords: political economy, sustainable development, Amazon

  • Professor Karin Arts 2019

    Karin Arts: Professor of International Law and Development

    Keywords: International law and (sustainable) development, international human rights law, children’s rights, human rights-based approaches to development, climate change and human rights, and EU development cooperation.

  • Arjun Bedi 2019

    Arjun Singh Bedi: Professor of Development Economics

    Keywords: Economics, health and education

  • Peter van Bergeijk 2019

    Peter van Bergeijk: Professor of International Economics and Macroeconomics

    Keywords: Deglobalization, new post development; ‘flex international’ political economy, qualitative quantities, arts

  • Jun Borras 2019

    Jun (Saturnino) Borras: Professor of Agrarian Studies

    Keywords: Agrarian politics, specifically: land politics and policies, (trans)national agrarian movements, food politics, forestry, state-society interactions in rural development, rural conflict, biofuels, 'flex crops', land grabbing and food sovereignty, climate change politics.

  • Des Gasper 2019

    Des Gasper: Professor of Human Development, Development Ethics and Public Policy

    Keywords: Ethics of development; international migration; theories of human development, human security, human needs and well-being; policy discourse analysis; climate change

  • Wendy Harcourt 2019

    Wendy Harcourt: Professor of Gender, Diversity and Sustainable Development

    Keywords: Gender and sexuality studies, feminist political ecology, post development, community economies

  • Thea Hilhorst

    Thea Hilhorst: Professor of Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction

    Keywords: Humanitarian aid; governance in post-conflict and disaster-ridden situations; civil society

  • Wil Hout

    Wil Hout: Professor of Governance and International Political Economy

    Keywords: Governance and politics of developing countries, international political economy, regionalism, international cooperation, development assistance policies.

  • Inge Hutter

    Inge Hutter: Rector of ISS, Professor of Participatory and Qualitative Research in Population and Development

    Keywords: Qualitative research methods; population and development; health and demography in developing countries

  • Peter Knorringa

    Peter Knorringa: Professor of Private Sector and Development

    Keywords: Private sector and development, sustainability standards, frugal innovation and local economic development.

  • Mansoob Murshed

    Mansoob S. Murshed: Professor of Economics of Conflict and Peace

    Keywords: Economics, violence and conflict, trade

  • Irene van Staveren

    Irene van Staveren: Professor of Pluralist Development Economics

    Keywords: Economic inequality, gender inequality, feminist economics, social economics, institutional economics, ethics and economics, meso level analysis, social cohesion,