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What do ISS PhD researchers study? Current researchers describe their research on their profile pages, but what about more than 225 that have gone before them? Browse through our list of defences and download the ones you are interested in.

The most recent PhD defences

  • Successful PhD defence by Anggun Susilo

    'The Indonesian National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM)- Rural: Decentralization in the context of neoliberalism and World Bank policies'
    PhD defence Anggun Susilo
  • Successful PhD defence by Kenji Kimura

    Kenji Kimura successfully defended his thesis studying the movement of Indonesian domestic workers to and in Malaysia.
    Successful PhD defence by Kenji Kimura
  • Successful PhD defence by Huei-Ling Lai

    Huei-Ling Lai successfully defended her thesis on the nature and transformative potential of grassroots innovations in Taiwan.
    Successful defence by Huei-Ling Lai

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