Political Ecology PhD supervision

dr. (Roy) RBC Huijsmans

I welcome proposals focusing on issues concerning children and youth (e.g. education, work, migration) that take seriously young people’s own, but situated, perspectives and experiences. In addition, I also welcome proposals seeking to study development through the lens of the arts (especially (popular) music and dance) and if you have an idea about an original ethnographic research project, that will also make methodological contributions (e.g. mobile ethnography, digital ethnography, etc) do get in touch too!

I am keen to hear from potential PhD students interested in alternative economies and especially degrowth/post-growth, environmental justice movements, plantation studies, agrarian change in South Asia and the Himalayas, ethnographies of credit and indebtedness, anti-debt movements, ownership systems, decommodification, and theories of needs, values and the 'good life'. Anyone interested in radical social theory and psychoanalysis is most welcome.