Political Ecology PhD supervision

PhD researchers: in-house and virtual presence

PhD researchers are members of the Research Group.

Regular meetings, seminars and Research in Progress seminars are held within the group (some open to the public) in order to promote their full embedding, and to look for opportunities of joint publishing, grant writing, and other forms of involvement in research projects.

The Political Ecology research group has spearheaded tailor-made mini training workshops for our PhD researchers in order to train them to get published on their own in world-class journals even while completing their PhD research.

There is an active policy to attract promising PhD students through various channels, with a variety of status, whether resident or non-resident but closely linked to the group. In this way the group will have staff members, post-docs and PhDs as members, whether they are physically present (or close by) or connected through cyber-space (as in a 'virtual research environment').

The latter is particularly important as quite a number of PhD researchers are non-resident or at most are staying shorter periods at ISS. Various forms of virtual research environments (for example the use of a PhD Forum for the research group) will therefore be developed.

PhD researchers and their supervisors will jointly develop publication strategies (which can include single authored papers, as well as jointly written with one or more supervisors), and the planning of participation in strategic conferences in which papers can be presented and exposure to peer groups can be further developed.