Political Ecology researchers

The Political Ecology research group works with a wide variety of researchers including ISS faculty, post-docs, visiting researchers and PhD candidates.

ISS faculty and post-docs

prof.dr. (Murat) M Arsel
prof.dr. (Jun) SM Borras
dr. (Luisa) L Cortesi
prof.dr. (Wendy) W Harcourt
dr. (Maryse) MCH Helbert
dr. (Roy) RBC Huijsmans
dr. (Tsegaye Moreda) TM Shegro
dr. (Oane) A Visser

Visiting and affiliated researchers

Max Spoor - Emeritus Professor Development Studies
Cristóbal Kay - Emeritus Professor Development Studies
Ashwani Saith - Emeritus Professor Rural Economics
Ben White - Emeritus Professor Rural Sociology
Marc Wuyts - Emeritus Professor Quantitative Applied Economics
Mahmoud Meskoub


PhD researchers

Ana Lucia Badillo

Social protection in Ecuador and Paraguay

Emma Lynn CantalConvergence amidst diversity: The political economy of residualist models of social protection in Cambodia and the Philippines
Benedict YeyugsahThe political economy of social protection expansion in Africa in the context of broader struggles for development policy autonomy 
Daniela AndradeBrazilian investments in Mozambique
Zoe BrentLand access mechanisms in the Global North
Natacha BrunaExtractivism and climate change politics in Mozambique
Nguyet Dang BaoThe Political economy of cross border agricultural wage labour: ethnic minority Vietnamese working in farms in Southern China
Kwalu Samwel DedeThe Exclusive breast feeding dilemma in Tanzania. A case study of Dodoma Region
Cecile Fameree

Collective action revisited in cases of land grabs in the Peruvian Jungle: Reactions from below, transparency and the role of the state

Huei-Ling LaiA political ecology approach to sustainability transition: grassroots innovations in Taiwan
Corrine Lamain

Conflicting securities: socio-environmental conflicts. Climate security debates and climate mitigation

Elyse MillsDynamics of overlapping global food climate and fisheries politics: Interconnecting issues, movements and events 
Martha Jane Robbins Food sovereignty and the politics of food system localization
Yukari SekineClimate change mitigation politics, land grabbing and conflict in Myanmar: shifting the terrain of struggle ‘from below’
Angelica Maria Ocampo TaleroYoung people, development and the construction of the public in a rural conflict region in Colombia 
Louis ThiemannThe Third Class: Artisans within, besides and beyond the capitalist economy
Salena TramelResource control grabs from the landscape level and political reactions
Ana Portocarrero LacayoClimate change adaptation and food insecurity in Nicaragua: Discourses, power, resistance, transformation
Umut Kocagoz

Authoritarian regime in relation to peasant politics: the case of hazelnut farmers in Turkey

Amod ShahThe political character of resistance to land acquisition in India in an era of climate change and populism
Antonio Roman AlcalaAuthoritarian populism and emancipatory movements in rural and agrarian California

Amaya Bayne

Women, indignity, knowledges and power in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Claudia Rodriguez Orrego The political economy of judicialization of welfare reform in Colombia
Daglha DuoSocial policy, ageing, and elderly care in Tibetan areas in western China in the context of rapid socioeconomic transformation and marginalization

David Sabogal Habedank

Artisanal mining and indigenous livelihoods in the Peruvian Amazon
Daniela Pessoa de Goes CalmonGlobal politics of dispossession and the Amazon/Cerrado frontier
Milja FengerReproductive freedom in the context of environmental justice

Nina Swen

Community-based environmental monitoring in the Amazon
Constance DupuisAging and ecological wellbeing
Anna VossWomen organisations in gendered economic landschapes in rural Italy/Feminist Political AgroEcology

Julia Quaedvlieg

Voluntary conservation of communities and small-holders in the Peruvian Amazon
Emmanuel Otto OmonyGovernance and social accountability in the provision of family planning in post-conflict Northern Uganda
Annah KamusiimeRepresentations of young motherhood in Uganda: Policy implications on sexual and reproductive health outcomes
Jimmy Mugisha

Governance of adolescent sexual reproductive health services in a refugee context: A comparative study of two refugee nationalities in Uganda

Emilija BozhinovskaEconomic efficiency and valuation of nature in the circular economy
Haris Zargar

Exploring the interface between land reform and political Islam: A case study of Kashmir’s agrarian reforms of 1950s and 1970s

Itayosara Rojas HerreraLand regime change and commodities rushes: Frontier making processes in protected areas in the Colombian Amazon
Moges Belay Bantie 
Sai Sam Kham 
Luciana dos Santos Duarte Ontologies and social technologies in global value chains of rubber materials for fashion in the Western Amazon
Xueting Liang 
Doi Ra