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Impacts of large-scale agricultural investments on small-scale farmers in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania: A Right to Food Perspective

Hannah Twomey, Christina M. Schiavoni and Benedict Mongula

Land-based Investments in Tanzania: Legal Framework and Realities on the Ground

Godfrey Eliseus Massay and Telemu Kassile
55Windmills: The Face of DispossessionJimena Martinez & Jorge Llaguno Davila

Green Governance or Green Grab? The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and its governing processes in Ecuador

Adrienne Johnson

The ‘Goan Impasse’: Land Rights and Resistance to SEZs in Goa, India

Preeti Sampat


Gender Equity in Climate Change Mitigation: Where are the “mamas”?

Jean Lee

Contemporary land grab-driven agrarian change from a multiple politics perspective: Insights from Guatemala

Alberto Alonso-Fradejas

A Malaysian Land Grab? The Political Economy of Large-scale Oil Palm Development in Sarawak

Rob Cramb

Women, Gender and Protest Emergence: Contesting Oil Palm Plantation Expansion in Sambas District, Indonesia

Miranda Morgan
48The political value of land, remittances and a possible case of land grabbing: The case of an Indigenous village in Oaxaca, Mexico Iván Sandoval Cervantes

Processes of land accumulation and patterns of labour mobility in large-scale oil palm smallholding schemes in Indonesia

Jean-François Bissonnette

Unraveling “land grabbing”: Different models of large-scale land acquisition in Southern Africa

[*]Mathieu Boche and Ward Anseeuw

Impact of Restrictive Legislation and Popular Opposition Movements on Foreign Land Investments in Brazil: The Case of the Forestry and Pulp Paper Sector and Stora Enso

Debora Lerrer and John Wilkinson

Land Reforms and Land Grabs: Contemporary Conflicts in the Brazilian Land Struggle

Clifford Andrew Welch

The drive for accumulation: environmental contestation and agrarian support to Mexico’s oil palm expansion

Antonio Castellanos-Navarrete and Kees Jansen

Reclaiming the Worker’s Property: Coffee, Land Grabbing, and Farmworker Resistance in Nicaragua

Bradley Wilson
41Small Farm Holders' Response to the Global Land Deals in Benin: the role of international solidarity linkagesPaulette Nonfodji

Land for agricultural development in the era of ‘land grabbing’: A spatial exploration of the ‘marginal lands’ narrative in contemporary Ethiopia

Rachel A. Nalepa
39Challenging the dominant assumptions about peasants’ responses to land grabbing: ‘Politics from below’ in UkraineNatalia Mamonova

Financializing Prairie farmland: Farmland investment funds and the restructuring of family farming systems in central Canada

Melanie Sommerville

The Formalization Fix? Land titling, state land concessions, and the politics of geographical transparency in contemporary Cambodia

Michael B. Dwyer
36Agricultural Land Conversion Drivers in Northeast IranHossein Azadi and Ali Akbar Barati
35Understanding forms of contention in the post-Soviet setting: rural responses to Chinese land investments in TajikistanIrna Hofman

Policy processes of a land grab: Enactment, context and misalignment in Massingir, Mozambique.

Jessica Milgroom

Creating a Zambian Breadbasket: 'Land grabs' and foreign investments in agriculture in Mkushi District, Zambia

Jessica M. Chu

‘Friendship’ Rice, Business, or ‘Land-grabbing’? The Hubei-Gaza rice project in Xai-Xai

Ana Sofia Ganho

Foreign land deals in Tanzania: An update and a critical view on the challenges of data (re)production

Martina Locher and Emmanuel Sulle

An investigation of the political economy of land grabs in Malawi: The case of Kasinthula Cane Growers Limited

Michael Chasukwa

The Narratives of Capitalist Land Accumulation and Recognition in Coastal Cameroon

Phil René Oyono
28Evaluating Consultation in Large-scale Land Acquisitions: Spotlight on Three Cases in MaliKerstin Nolte and Lieske Voget-Kleschin

Arab-Australian Land Deals: Between Food Security, Commercial Business, and Public Discourse

Sarah Ruth Sippel

The land of our ancestors: Property rights, social resistance, and alternatives to land grabbing in Madagascar

Benjamin D. Neimark

La terre de nos ancêtres: droits de propriété, la résistance sociale et des alternatives à l'accaparement des terres à Madagascar

[*French Version]


What's in a Right? The liberalisation of gold mining and decentralisation in Burkina Faso

Muriel Côte

De ce que constitue un Droit? Accès contesté à l'or entre libéralisation économique et décentralisation démocratique au Burkina Faso

[*French Version]


Gaining neighbours or big losers – what happened when large-scale, land-based investment in the Ghanaian oil palm sector met the local population on the ground?

Susanne Johanna Väth

Shifting the debate about ‘responsible soy’ production in Paraguay:  A critical analysis of five claims about environmental, economic, and social sustainability

Laureen Elgert

Planning in the Wind: the Failed Jordanian Investments in Sudan

Justa Mayra Hopma

Property and Negotiation in Waza National Park

Alice Kelly

“I Would Rather Have My Land Back”: Subaltern Voices and Corporate/State Land Grab in the Save Valley

E. Kushinga Makombe

Land Grabbing along Livestock Migration Routes in Gadarif State, Sudan: Impacts on Pastoralism and the Environment

Hussein M. Sulieman

Upheaval in Chinese Villages: A Case Study of Rural Land Expropriation for “Large-Scale” Commercial Farming in Rural China

Kan Liu

‘Speaking law to land grabbing’: land contention and legal repertoire in Colombia

Jacobo Grajales
16Consolidating land, consolidating control: state-facilitated ‘agricultural investment’ through the ‘Green Revolution’ in RwandaChris Huggins

« L’investissement agricole » facilité par l'État au Rwanda : regroupement des terres, renforcement du contrôle

[*French Version]


Contesting village land: uranium and sport hunting in Mbarang’andu Wildlife Management Area, Tanzania

Christine Noe

The social and environmental implications of urbanization strategies and domestic land grabbing in China: The case of Chongming Island

Giuseppina Siciliano

Postponed Local Concerns? Implications of Land Acquisitions for Indigenous Local Communities in Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State, Ethiopia.

Tsegaye Moreda

Government and land corruption in Benin

Sèdagban Hygin F. Kakai

The mining-conservation nexus Rio Tinto, development ‘gifts’ and contested compensation in Madagascar

Caroline Seagle

« Sauver » la biodiversité en la détruisant: l’exploitation minière de Rio Tinto à Madagascar

[*French Version]

Drivers and actors in large-scale farmland acquisitions in Sudan

Martin Keulertz

Conservation and ecotourism on privatised land in the Mara, Kenya: The case of conservancy land leases

Claire Bedelian

Gendered Dimensions of Land and Rural Livelihoods: The Case of New Settler Farmer Displacement at Nuanetsi Ranch, Mwenezi District, Zimbabwe

Patience Mutopo

Agricultural land acquisition by foreign investors in Pakistan: Government policy and community responses

Antonia C Settle

Transforming traditional land governance systems and coping with land deal transactions

Christopher PI Mahonge
5Who Gets the Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production?: Biomass Distribution & the ‘Sugar Economy’ in the Tana Delta, KenyaLeah Temper
4‘Land belongs to the community’: Demystifying the ‘global land grab’ in Southern SudanDavid K Deng
3Household livelihoods and increasing foreign investment pressure in Ethiopia’s natural forestsKathleen Guillozet and John C Bliss
2The role of foreign investment in Ethiopia’s smallholder agricultural development strategyTom Lavers

Commercial Biofuel Land Deals & Environment and Social Impact Assessments in Africa: Three case studies in Mozambique and Sierra Leone

Maura Andrew and Hilde Van Vlaenderen

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