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Governance, Law and Social Justice researchers regularly publish books and articles with world-renowned academic journals and publishers. The list below is a selection of our most relevant publications.

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Articles and book chapters

Kaşlı, Z. (2022) Migration control entangled with local histories: The case of Greek–Turkish regime of borderingEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space0(0). 

Alburo-Cañete, K.Z. (2022) Benevolent discipline: governing affect in post-Yolanda disaster reconstruction in the Philippines, Third World Quarterly, 43:3, 651-672, 

Hout, W., Wagner, N. and Demena, B.A. (2022), ‘Does Accountability Enhance Service Delivery? Assessment of a Local Scorecard Initiative in Uganda’, World Development 158: 106011.

Knio, K (2022) ‘Why and How Ontology Matters: A Cartography of Neo liberalism(s)/Neoliberalisation(s)', Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour.

Misiedjan, D. (2022) ‘Separate but Equal in the Protection against Climate Change?’, Geography Journal, Special Issue: Contours of Environmental Justice in the Caribbean.

Alburo-Cañete, K.Z. (2021) PhotoKwento: co-constructing women's narratives of disaster recovery. Disasters, 45: 887-912.

Hilhorst,D., Melis,S., Mena,R., van Voorst,R. (2021) Accountability in Humanitarian Action, Refugee Survey Quarterly, Volume 40, 4,363–389,

Mukhtarov, F., Gasper, D., Aditya, A., Gautam, N., Hernandez Morales, D., and Duhita, S. (2021) “From “Merchants and Ministers” to “Neutral Brokers”? Water Diplomacy Aspirations by the Netherlands– a Discourse Analysis of the 2011 Commissioned Advisory Report. International Journal of Water Resources Development (IJWRD).

Winters, N. (2021) Following, Othering, Taking Over. Research Participants Redefining the Field through Mobile Communication Technology. Social Analysis 65 (1), 133-142.

Handmaker, J. (2020) ‘Lawfare against Academics and the Potential of Legal Mobilization as Counterpower’ In (pp. 233-260) D. Landy, R. Lentin & C. McCarthy (Eds.), Enforcing Silence: Academic Freedom, Palestine and the Criticism of Israel. London: Zed Books / Bloomsbury.

Knio, K. (2020) ‘Critical realist encounters: Morphogenizing the French régulation approach’, Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, 50(4), pp 462-489.

Arts, K. (2019). Children’s Rights and Climate Change. In C. Fenton-Glynn (Ed.), Children's Rights and Sustainable Development: Interpreting the UNCRC for Future Generations (Treaty Implementation for Sustainable Development, pp. 216-235). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781108140348.010.

Arts, K. (2019). ‘Children’s Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals’, in Ursula Kilkelly and Ton Liefaard (eds.), International Human Rights: International Children’s Rights Law, Springer, Singapore, 537-561,

Handmaker, J., Matthews,T.  (2019). ‘Analysing legal mobilisation’s potential to secure equal access to socioeconomic justice in South Africa’ Development Southern Africa, 36(6): 889-904.

Hout, W. (2019) ‘The Permanent Crisis of Development Aid’, in Jessop, B. and Knio, K. (eds) The Pedagogy of Economic, Political and Social Crises: Dynamics, Construals, and Lessons, Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 229-243.

Misiedjan, D. (2019) Towards a Sustainable Human Right to Water: Supporting Vulnerable People and Protecting Water Resources (Intersentia 2019).

Yanaşmayan, Z., Kaşlı, Z. (2019) “Reading Diasporic Engagements through the lens of citizenship: Turkey as a test case,” Political Geography, 70: 24-33

Hilhorst, D. (2018) Classical humanitarianism and resilience humanitarianism: making sense of two brands of humanitarian action. Int J Humanitarian Action 3, 15.

Mukhtarov, F., Dieperink, C., & Driessen, P. (2018) The influence of information and communication technologies on public participation in urban water governance: A review of place-based research. Environmental Science & Policy, 89: 430-438.

Shyamika, Jayasundara-Smits. (2018) From revolution to reform and back: EU-Security sector reform in Ukraine, European Security, 27:4, 453-468

Winters, N. (2018) Beyond the bird in the cage? Translocal embodiment and trajectories of Nicaraguan female migrants in Seville, Spain. Geoforum Volume 116, 243-251.


Knio, K (ed) (2023) Handbook of the International Political Economy of the State. London: Edward Elgar

Hout, W. & Hutchison, J. (eds) (2022) Handbook on Governance and Development, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Shyamika, Jayasundara-Smits. (2022) An Uneasy Hegemony: Politics of State-building and Struggles for Justice in Sri Lanka. Cambridge University Press

Handmaker, J. & Arts, K. (Eds.) (2019). Mobilizing International Law for Global Justice Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Hout, W. & Salih, M.A.M (2019) A Political Economy of African Regionalisms: An Overview of Asymmetrical Development, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Jessop, B &  Knio, K (eds) (2019) The Pedagogy of Economic, Political and Social Crises: Dynamics, Construals, and Lessons. London: Routledge

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