Development Economics researchers

Senior researchers

dr. (Georgina) GM Gomez
(Elissaios) E Papyrakis
(Matthias) M Rieger
dr. (Robert) RA Sparrow
dr. (Robert) RA Sparrow

Post-docs, affiliated and visiting researchers

PhD researchers

Zahid Ali Abbasi

Growth not accompanied by commensurate development in Pakistan

Sabna Ali Imam AliEnergy dependence and development
Luis Artavia-Mora

Migration and discrimination in the Netherlands

Muhammad Badiuzzman

Household decision-making in the shadow of violence
S.  BakshiInvestigating paradox of development polarization in India.  Why does the rising tide not lift all boats?
Amaya BayneWomen, indignity, knowledges and power in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Cynthia BejenoOn the frontlines: peasant women land reform struggles in the Philippines
Renata Calvacanti MunizEconomic diplomacy and Brazil-Dutch cooperation on ports
Maria DafnomiliThe process of financialization in the world economy and its ensuing crises
Tung DaoFinding the right trade policies: Explaining the success of liberalizing the economy

Fabio Diaz Pabon

From civil war to mass protest, new forms of conflict
Kumba DigdowiseisoFiscal decentralization and development in Indonesia
Andrea FloridiInformal and trans-formal firms in the borderland: characteristics, networks, and institutions. A study in three capital cities of Palestine, Egypt, and Tunisia
Deo Gracias HoundoloPoverty dynamics in the millennium villages in Ghana
Maboobeh KavianifarApplying Keynesian analysis to climate change, with special reference to Iran

Gina Ledda

Value chains in The Philippines

Libby Leher

Regionalism as the political mechanism for sen-like development

Yanbai LiInequality, institutions and the resource curse
Tanmoy MajillaEssays on Gender, Education and the Indian Labor Market
Margarita MechevaNutrition in transition: Childhood overweight and obesity in Indonesia
Farzana Aktar MishaAn analysis of the livelihood development programme of the char dwellers: evidence from Bangladesh
Thi Mai Lan NguyenThe transmission mechanism of monetary policy in Vietnam
Rukumbuzi Delphin NtanyomaMicroeconomic analysis of dynamic choices, incentives, alternatives and expectations of combatants (Eastern Congo violence).
William OrieFinancing obstacles for firms in Suriname
Jimena Pacheco MirandaLong term effects of crisis in health, education and productivity outcomes

Blas Regnault

Natural resources and development:  towards an accounting framework for oil exporting economies
Roselle Leah RiveraBeyond access: gender and transport justice in Davao City, Philippines
David SabogalArtisanal mining and indigenous livelihoods in the Peruvian Amazon
Mohammad SaleemEvaluating political capture and targeting performance of Benazir Income Support Program in Pakistan
Brandon SommerIndustrial transformation in the Pearl River Delta - An Analysis of context, expectations, motivations and regulation
Tamara SoukottaPast in present: Colonial segregation and politics of identities in Ambon, Indonesia
Nina SvenCommunity-based environmental monitoring in the Amazon
Vu Duc Hoang VoClimate change in Vietnam and the Mekong Valley
Farzane ZahrepourEnergy subsidies in Iran