Political Ecology - Grants and projects

Projects the Political Ecology research group is involved in.

  • Aiding Social Protection: the Political Economy of Externally Financing Social Policy in Developing Countries

    Aiding Social Protection (AIDSOCPRO)

    This research explores the political economy of international development assistance  directed towards social expenditures, examined through the lens of a particular financial quandary that has been ignored in the literature despite having important economic and political repercussions.

  • Realising the Transition to the Circular Economy (ReTraCE)

    Realising the Transition to the Circular Economy (ReTraCe)

    This multi-disciplinary network, where knowledge and methodologies from multiple domains are combined, provides a unique opportunity to develop a holistic approach for the evaluation and realization of the transition towards a circular economy.

  • All eyes on the Amazon - drones - research project

    All eyes on the Amazon

    All Eyes on the Amazon aims to make a major positive impact on the current situation in the Amazon by working in nine project locations in Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru covering a total of about 8 million hectares of forest.

  • Ethiopia drought - aerial view - When disaster meets conflict

    Commodity & land rushes and regimes: Reshaping five spheres of global social life’ (RRUSHES-5)

    This project investigates how contemporary commodity rushes reshape the politics of food, climate, labour, citizenship and geopolitics in various contexts, and the implications in terms of structural, institutional and political shifts.

  • SET-SHRH 1

    Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Uganda (SET-SRHR)

    This project aims to strengthen the sexual and reproductive health rights education and training capacity in Uganda. It implements a coordinated, standardized, and accredited pre- and in-service gender and age-sensitive SRHR education and training programme supported by a research community of practice.