Land Grabbing: Perspectives from East and Southeast Asia

Conference held at Chiang Mai University, Thailand in June 2015

Conference Paper Series




1Food Regimes and Food Regime Analysis: A Selective SurveyHenry Bernstein
2Authoritarian Resource Governance and Emerging Peasant Resistance in the Context of Sino-Vietnamese Tree Plantations, Southeastern LaosMiles Kenney-Lazar
3The Role of Japan’s General Trading Companies (Sōgō Shōsha) in the Global Land GrabDerek Hall
4Seeds, Grain Trade, and Power Off-land: Chinese Agribusiness in Global Agrarian ChangeMatthew Gaudreau
5Cargill’s land deal strategies in Indonesia and the Philippines compared: alliances, elites, and capital accumulationTania Salerno
6How land concessions affect places elsewhere: Teleconnections and large-scale plantations in Southern Laos and Northeastern CambodiaIan G. Baird and Jefferson Fox
7Beyond the Countryside: Hukou Reform and Agrarian Capitalism in ChinaShaohua Zhan and Joel Andreas
8Landscapes of control and appropriation: the missing Indigenous womanClara Mi Young Park and Margherita Maffii
9Land concessions and rural youth in southern LaosGilda Sentíes Portilla
10Transnationalization of Resistance to Economic Land Concessions in CambodiaPeter Swift
11Land grabs, climate change, and disasters: exploring the politics of their intersection in a Philippine small islandMaria Angelina M. Uson
12Large Plantations versus Smallholdings in Southeast Asia: Historical and Contemporary TrendsJean-François Bissonnette and Rodolphe De Koninck
13Tapping into the Rubber Market: Opium Replacement and the Role of Rubber in Developing LaosJuliet Lu
14Illegal Evictions? Overwriting Possession and Orality with Law’s Violence in CambodiaSimon Springer
15Peasant and Indigenous Transnational Social Movements Engaging with Climate JusticePriscilla Claeys and Deborah Delgado
16Resistance to Land Grabbing and Displacement in Rural CambodiaSiphat Touch and Andreas Neef
17The Praxis of Access: Gender in Myanmar’s National Land Use PolicyHilary Oliva Faxon 
18Land Deals In Laos: First Insights From A New Nationwide Initiative To Assess The Quality Of Investments In LandCornelia Hett et al.
19The Special Economic Zones of the Greater Mekong Subregion: Land Ownership and Social TransformationJohn Walsh
20Growing the Economy: Oil palm and green growth in East Kalimantan, IndonesiaZachary R. Anderson et al.
21Perceptions and Practices of Investment: China's hydropower investments in mainland Southeast AsiaVanessa Lamb and Nga Dao
22Green Economy, Oil Palm Development and the Exclusion of Indigenous Swidden Cultivators in the PhilippinesMarvin Joseph F. Montefrio
23Squatters of Capital: Regimes of Dispossession and the production of subaltern sites in urban land conflicts in the PhilippinesChristopher John “CJ” Chanco
24Land Acquisitions in Northeastern Cambodia: Space and Time mattersChristophe Gironde and Amaury Peeters 
25Get Organized! : Contradictions between Capital and Labor in a Nascent Shrimp Farmers' Cooperative in South China Huang Yu
26“I saw the impact of the [Economic Land Concession] on the men.” Notes towards a feminist political ecology of land access in Southeast Asia Vanessa Lamb and Carl Middleton
27Gaining and Maintaining Control: Vietnamese Migrants, Cambodian elites and Strategies of Land Control along the Cambodian Borderlands Alice Beban and Timothy Gorman 
28A HUMAN RIGHTS IMPACT ASSESSMENT: Hoang Anh Gia Lai Economic Land Concessions in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia Natalie Bugalski and Ratha Thuon
29Rubber plantation in the Northwest: Rethinking the concept of land grabs in Vietnam Nga Dao
30Corridor Development and Foreign Investment in Agriculture: Implications of the ProSAVANA Programme in Northern Mozambique  Koichi Ikegami
31Contesting Moral Capital in an Extractive Frontier Wolfram Dressler 
32Banks + Land Grabs: Research, campaigning + advocacy tools, sharing Oxfam Australia’s experience Shona Hawkes
33Shifting Cultivation, Contentious Land Change, and Forest Governance in Eastern Borneo Gregory M. Thaler
34Chinese Agrarian Capitalism in the Russian Far East Jiayi Zhou
35CP maize contract farming in Shan State, Myanmar: A regional case of a place-based corporate agro-feed system Kevin Woods
36Small-scale land acquisitions, large-scale implications: The case of Chinese banana investments in Northern Laos Cecilie Friis 
37Different Regions, Different Reasons? Comparing Chinese land-consuming outward investments in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa Ariane Goetz
38Corporatisation of rural spaces: Contract farming as local scale land grabs in Maharashtra, India Mark Vicol
39Striking the right balance between the public and private interests in compulsory acquisition of land in Vietnam Phan Trung Hien 
40Who is ‘land grabbing’? Who is deforesting? Will certification help prevent bad practice? Lesley Potter
41Gendered dynamics of land property relations within a large-scale sugarcane investment in Isabela, Philippines Maria Lisa Alano
42Political Economy of the Rise of the Contemporary Industrial Tree Plantation Sector in Southern China Yunan Xu
43Gender analysis of economic land concessions in Cambodia and in Northern Laos: Case of rubber plantations Kyoko Kusakabe
44Alternatives to Land Grabbing: Smallholder Engagement in Commodity Booms in Southeast Asia Rob Cramb et al
45Agrarian Change and Land Tenure in Vietnam through a Political Economy LensAndrew Wells-Dang, Pham Quang Tu and Adam Burke
46Legal Pluralism and Land Administration in West Sumatra: The Implementation of Local and Nagari Governments’ Regulations on Communal Land TenureHilaire Tegnan
47Responding to food security and land questions: Policy principles and policy choices in Kalimantan, IndonesiaJohn F McCarthy and Krystof Obidzinski 
48The political economy of land governance in the Mekong Region: contexts of policy advocacy Philip Hirsch and Natalia Scurrah
49Resistance against Large-Scale Land Acquisitions: Bougainville’s peace process under threat?Anne Hennings
50Decentralization in Mangrove Restoration: a Critical Analysis-Case study in Central Coast of Vietnam Hoang Hao Tra My and Shinya Takeda
51*Cambodia's Unofficial Regime of Extraction: Illicit Logging in the Shadow of Transnational Governance and Investment Sarah Milne
52*Revealing the hidden effects of land grabbing through better understanding of farmers’ strategies in dealing with land lossDiana Suhardiman, Mark Giordano ,Oulavanh Keovilignavong and Touleelor Sotoukee 
53Politics of Land Grabbing in the Borderland: A Case Study of Chongjom Border Market, Kabcheong District, Surin ProvinceWatcharee Srikham, Jiraporn Smyth and Metee Methasit Suksamret
54Land Resettlement Policies in Colonial and Post Colonial Philippines: Key to Current Insurgencies and Climate Disasters in its Southern Mindanao IslandFaina C. Abaya-Ulindang 
55The neoliberal agricultural modernization model: A fundamental cause for large-scale land acquisition and counter land reform policies in the Mekong regionChristian Castellanet and Jean-Christophe Diepart
56Commoditization of Energy: a case of PPP scheme Implementation in Central Java Power Plant/CJPP ProjectHilma Safitri 
57*Are the Odds for Justice ‘Stacked Against’ Them? Challenges and Opportunities to Securing Land Claims by Smallholder Farmers in Myanmar

SiuSue Mark

(Full text not available, contact:
58Land Grabbing and Deforestation: Community Perception on Forest Land Ownership in Dharmasraya District, West Sumatra, IndonesiaYurike, Yonariza, Rudi Febriamansyah and SyafruddinKarimi 
59Compulsory land acquisition for urban expansion: A study of farmer’s protest in peri-urban Hue, Central VietnamNguyen Quang Phuc, Annelies Zoomers, and A.C.M. van Westen
60*Land Grabbing and Impacts to Small Scale Farmers in Southeast Asia Sub-RegionPongtip Samranjit and the research team
61Local Resistance to Land Grabbing in Dharmasraya District, West Sumatra Province, IndonesiaAbdul Mutolib, Yonariza, Mahdi and Hanung Ismono 
62Agrarian Relation and the Maoist Movement in IndiaPratik Rumba
63 “These Days We Have to Be Poor People:”  Women’s Narratives of the Economic Aftermath of Forced Evictions in Phnom Penh, CambodiaColleen McGinn 
64*Land Transfer and the Pursuit of Agricultural Modernization in ChinaJingzhong Ye
65*Agrarian Capitalization without Capitalism?: Capitalist Dynamics from Above and Below in China Hairong Yan and Yiyuan Chen
66Crop booms and changing land use and land control in Thailand’s agricultural frontier Natedao Taotawin and Preuk Taotawin
67Learning from Green Enclosure Practice in Indonesia: Katingan REDD+ case study project in Central KalimantanSuraya Afiff
68Smallholder Bargaining Power in Large-Scale Land Deals: A Relational Perspective (Indonesia and the Philippines) Rosanne Rutten et al.
69Navigating Investment and Dispossession: Gendered Impacts of the Oil Palm ‘Land Rush’ in East Kalimantan, IndonesiaRebecca Elmhirst, Mia Siscawati and Bimbika Sijapati Basnett
70Chinese Agricultural and Land Investments in Southeast Asia: A Preliminary Overview of TrendsElyse Mills
71Winning back land in Cambodia: community work to navigate state land titling campaigns and large land dealsLaura Schoenberger
72*Land-based climate change mitigation, land grabbing and conflict: understanding intersections and linkages, exploring actions for changeCarol Hunsberger et al.
73*Intersections of Climate Change Mitigation Policies, Land Grabbing and Conflict in a Fragile State: Insights from CambodiaCourtney Work
74*Intersections of land grabs and climate change mitigation strategies in Myanmar as a (post-) war state of conflictKevin Woods
75Mapping context of land use for a non-traditional agricultural export (NTAE) product: case study of land use for coffee plantation in Pakxong district, Champasak province, Lao PDRSaithong Phommavong et al.
76Allocation or appropriation? How spatial and temporal fragmentation of land allocation policies facilitates land grabbing in Northern LaosKaren McAllister
77State Actor Brokerage in Large-scale Agricultural Investment in IndonesiaLaksmi Adriani Savitri 
78*Towards a Political Sociology of Land Transfer: The Case of a Chinese VillageSiyuan Xu and Tony Fuller
79Disclosing recent territory-lift and rural development contributions of Cambodian large-scale land acquisitionsAmaury Peeters 
80 Counter-mapping Land Grabs with Community Drones in IndonesiaIrendra Radjawali and Oliver Pye
81Land Grabs and the RiverOliver Pye, Irendra Radjawali and Julia
82 The role of Japan in Overseas Agricultural Investment: Case of ProSAVANA project in MozambiqueKana Roman-Alcalá Okada  
83 Intersections of Land Grabbing and Climate Change Mitigation Strategies: Land and Resource ConflictsCourtney Work and Kevin Woods

Discussion Notes

1Land Tenure, the Land Grab and Responses of International Development AgenciesJohn Bruce 
2Philippine Agrarian Reform in the 21st CenturyEduardo Climaco Tadem 
3Brazil and Latin American agrarian transformations Sérgio Sauer , Moisés Balestro and Sergio Schneider
4Gender and generation in Southeast Asia’s corporate ‘rush to land’: a brief introductionBen White and Clara M. Park
5Untitled but not Informal: Lao Tenure Politics in Formality’s Gray SpacesMichael Dwyer
6Migration and multi-sited agrarian change: frontier capitalisms and their complex effectsNancy Lee Peluso, Agus Budi Purwanto and Julia
7Commercial farming and agribusiness in South Africa and their changing roles in Africa’s agro-food systemRuth Hall and Ben Cousins
8‘‘Tok’uaj and the disappearing forests: a tale about how forests mapping and conservation can counteract the advancement of the agricultural frontier’Esteve Corbera
9Crop booms inside China: the rise of industrial tree plantation, sugarcane and banana sectorsJuan Liu et al.
10After the Land Grab: Infrastructural Violence and Indonesia’s Oil Palm Zone (PPT included)Tania Murray Li 
11Plantations and intergenerational displacementTania Murray Li 

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