Borrowing from another library

Books and periodical articles which are not available at the EUR/ISS Library collection can be requested from another library.

Interlibrary loans: policies and procedures

The interlibrary loan (ILL) service is available to internal members only: ISS staff, PhD students, MA and Diploma students, retired staff, and guests (‘staff-like’).

Students from Dutch universities or institutions for higher education (HBO instellingen or hogescholen) must use their own library for ILL requests.

The service is unavailable for external users and alumni.

For further information, please contact the Virtual Desk

Submit Requests

First check in sEURch that the book/document/article is not available in the Erasmus University Library collection (= ISS, University Library Rotterdam, Medical Library, Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet and Sanders Law Library). 

1. submit a request online: contact the Virtual Desk, providing as many bibliographic details as possible
2. submit a request in person at the Library services desk

You will be notified when an item is available for collection.  


ISS staff, PhD students, retired staff, and guests ('staff-like') can use the service free of charge.

MA and Diploma students can requests book loans free of charge. Photocopies or scanned images in pdf-format of journal articles requested by MA or Diploma students have to be paid for up front, on the moment of request. The standard fee for photocopy or electronic delivery is € 3,00 per article.

(see also price list)  

PiCarta ILL account

ISS academic staff, PhDs and guests doing research at ISS are entitled to have a PiCarta ILL account. An account can be requested via the Virtual Desk.

With an ILL account you can make online requests for books and periodical articles in PiCarta. It is also possible to receive the contents pages of recently published issues of periodicals by e-mail through your ILL account (SDI requests).

This service is free for those who are entitled to have a PiCarta ILL account. The licensing rights do not permit commercial use of this account.  

Making a request through your PiCarta ILL account

Go to PiCarta and search for the book or periodical article. When you have found the catalogue entry, you can request the article or book by clicking on ‘borrow’ or ‘photocopy’ at the botom of the screen. Enter your ILL account details. Books are sent to the ISS Library. You will be notified when the book is available. Periodical articles can either be sent to you directly by post or scanned and sent to your e-mail address. The costs will be deducted from your ILL account. Books must be returned directly to the Library.  


  • Interlibrary loan requests can only be made in case the EUR/ISS library does not hold the print version in its collection or does nor provide access to the electronic version. Conditions of service (length of loans, fines, etc.) are determined by the supplying library and can vary.
  • Books from other libraries in the Netherlands must be collected from and returned directly to the ISS Library.
  • Loss of a document must be reported to the Library immediately.
  • If you lose an ILL book the replacement and administration costs charged to you will depend on the Library that owns the book.