Borrowing from collection

Most books in the collection may be borrowed.

Books in the open stacks are to be collected by the user. Documents in the closed area are to be requested, either online via sEURch or in person at the Library services desk.

The following items may not be borrowed by any user:

  • periodicals/journals, bound and loose issues
  • QuickRef (reference works marked with a red label)

The following items are only available for ISS staff and students:

  • Reference works
  • Reserved readings
  • Course materials
  • Print MDS theses
  • DVDs

Borrower privileges per material type

Material type


Max. loan period

Label colour

books, documents

ISS staff/students and
non-ISS members

28 days


course materials

ISS staff/students

3 days


reference works

ISS staff/students

3 days



ISS staff/students

7 days


CM special

ISS staff/students

120 days


print MDS theses

ISS staff/students

120 days



only for consultation in the library



reserved readings

only for consultation in the library



Borrowing allowance

ISS staff and students, retired ISS staff and guests (‘staff-like’) may borrow 50 items at one time. For other users, the maximum number of items to keep on loan at any one time is five.  

Loan period

The normal loan period for a book is 28 days unless otherwise defined (see table above). For example, course materials may be borrowed for three days only.

If a book has not been returned by the due date and the loan period has not been extended, a maximum of four reminders will be sent to the borrower.

The interval between reminders is one week, calculated from the send date. If you fail to return the library materials after the third recall or if you owe € 5.00 or more to the library and your library card will be blocked. If you do not meet your obligations, it is standard procedure to call in a debt-collecting agency (high service costs).

The borrower is responsible for returning books on time or extending the loan period.

Lost items

Loss of any material must be reported to the Library services desk immediately.

If you loose an ISS book you will be charged the replacement cost of 55 euros (50 euros replacement costs per book + recall costs).

Unavailable out-of-print books will be charged at a flat rate of 100 euros.

If you lose an ILL book (from another library) the costs will depend on the Library that owns the book.


If you fail to return the library materials after the third recall,  you owe € 5.00 or more to the library. Moreover,  your library card will be blocked.  

Reminders and notifications by e-mail

To receive reminders and notifications, you must have a valid e-mail account. ISS students and staff will receive reminders and notifications in the e-mail account that is provided to them by the ISS.  

Returning borrowed books

  • All borrowed items are to be returned at the Library services desk or deposited in the book return box.
  • Returning books by post is at the borrower's own risk.
    For your information:
  • You are responsible at all times for the proper receipt of post addressed to you, whether they be letters, postcards or electronic mail. Not receiving post due to change of address, staying at another address, a full e-mail inbox, etc., are not valid reasons for the library to write off the debts incurred. Sending reminders is a library service. You remain personally responsible for returning the books on time.

Where there is a difference of opinion between you and the library in matters regarding the return/late return/non-return of books, the circulation administration makes the final decision, unless you can show a receipt.