Extending loans

After the maximum loan period, an item can be renewed unless it has been reserved by another user or you owe overdue charges. If you do not renew it, the item must be returned. 

You can extend the loan period of borrowed items via:

Renew your loans via sEURch

  • Click in sEURch on the Sign in button at top of the screen
  • Log in with your username and password
  • The Sign in button will display your initials
  • Select My account
  • Under the tab Checkouts you will see an overview of your borrowed books
  • Next to each title you find a Renew button. Click on the button to renew your loans (note: make sure the due date has changed!)
  • Go to My Account directly at https://eur.on.worldcat.org/myaccount

Loan period

The maximum loan period per material type and borrower is as follows:

Material type


Max.  loan period

Books, documents

ISS staff/students, non-ISS members

28 days

Short loan materials
(course materials, reference works, QuickRef)

ISS staff/students

7 days


ISS staff/students

7 days

Reserved readings

ISS staff/students

for consultation only, in the library

Print MDS theses

ISS staff/students

for consultation only. in the library

Please note: It is not possible to make a renewal if three reminders have been sent for a particular book or if you owe more than € 10.00 fines.