An Exercise in Worldmaking

Annual compilation of best student essays
ISS students sitting on central staircase - 2023

A collection of the best ISS student essays

An Exercise in Worldmaking is a collection of best MA student essays written, selected and edited by the students themselves. First published in 2006, each subsequent MA batch has produced an edition, each of which reflects the insights and perspectives gained by MA students at ISS during their 15 months of study.

The essays illustrate how a diverse student body, representing over fifty countries and a host of professional and educational backgrounds, can contest, construct and redefine the notion of development; thus maintaining the contemporary social, political and economic relevance of development theory and practice.

An Exercise in Worldmaking provides insight on relevant themes of development by professionals who are immersed in the theoretical, historical and practical work and literature of development. In this way the essays serve to further the effort of collective and participatory worldmaking.

An Exercise in Worldmaking 2022-2023 batch

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