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Ana Lucia Badillo 
Emma Lynn CantalConvergence amidst diversity: The political economy of residualist models of social protection in Cambodia and the Philippines
Benedict Yeyugsah 
Alberto Alonso-FradejasPolitical economy of agrarian change and political dynamics of land resource control
Daniela AndradeBrazilian Investments in Mozambique
Duygu AvciPolitics of Resistance against Mining: A Comparative Study of Conflicts in Ecuador and Turkey
Zoe BrentLand Access Mechanisms in the Global North
Natacha Bruna 
Nguyet Bang Bao 
K.S. Dede 
C. Fameree

Collective Action Revisited in Cases of Land Grabs in the Peruvian Jungle: Reactions from Below, Transparency and the Role of the State

Consuelo Fernandez-Salvador

Negotiating Identity:  A Study on Ethnic Identity in the Context of Development and Mining Exploitation in the Shuar Territory, in the Amazon Region of Ecuador

A.Y. Gyapong 
Eric Gutierrez

Criminals without borders: agrarian change and interdependency in opium and coca commodity chains

S. KasaharaThe Flying Geese Paradigm: A Critical Study of its Application to East Asian Regional Development
H. Lai 
Corrine Lamain 
Elyse Mills 
Clara Mi Young Park

Land Enclosures, Gender and Trajectories of Agrarian Change - The Gender Impacts of Corporate Land Deals on Land Rights, Labour and Income Generating Opportunities

Ben Radley

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on National Processes of Accumulation and Development: Natural Resources in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Martha Jane RobbinsThe Politics of Food Sovereignty
Christina SchiavoniCompeting Sovereignties in the Political Construction of Food Sovereignty
Y. Sekine 
Anne Siebert 
Angelica Maria Ocampo Talero 
Fasil TayeInstitutional Arrangement of Child Labour/Work in the Informal Weaving Sector in Addis Abeba
L. Thiemann 
S.F. Tramel 
R. Thuon 
X. YunanChinese Land Grabbing in Southeast Asia